Audi R10 Rumored for Production with 1,000-HP Hybrid Powertrain


Rumored for half-a-decade, the Audi R10 might finally become a real thing.

A new report has surfaced from Auto Motor & Sport, pinning the R10 for production in 2016 and will be powered by a 6.0-liter twin-turbo V10 engine with around 850 hp rather than a diesel engine that was originally speculated. To help maintain respectable fuel economy, the powerplant will have cylinder-deactivation technology that will allow it to operate on six cylinders when the supercar is not under full load.

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Rumors also suggest that the R10 will sport a monocoque carbon fiber chassis and will be slightly larger than the existing R8. There’s also a possibility that the R10 could be introduced with a hybrid powertrain to hit the 1,000-hp mark.

For now take the rumors with a grain of salt, considering how long the R10 has been floating around in the automotive news world.

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[Source: Auto Motor & Sport via WorldCarFans]

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johnls39 . says:

Meh, I hope styling don’t look like that! Not futuristic and realistic at all.