Kia’s Karting-Themed Sedona to Debut at SEMA

SEMA is an annual event that allows automakers, tuner companies and aftermarket firms to showcase their hottest, most exciting products. Surprisingly the folks at Kia have decided to bring a modified minivan. SAY WHAT?!

Sure, they may refer to their all-new Sedona as a “multipurpose vehicle” but its sliding doors and boxy dimensions betray its true form. In spite of these inconvenient truths they’ve managed to make this family hauler pretty cool.

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It’s built specifically for people that go karting, an entry-level form of motorsport where many professional drivers get their start. Painted in a bold red and white scheme and slathered in vinyl graphics this Sedona does NOT look like one you could pick up at your local Kia dealer.

It rides atop 20-inch wheels and its roof is home to a custom-built rack that’s designed to haul a small kart. It also incorporates a UV-busting awning, which creates a nice shaded space to cool off between races.

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At the rear there’s a special trailer that allows the driver to tow a high-performance shifter kart. It’s powercoated white and rides on special 18-inch rims. Look for’s complete SEMA coverage in the coming days.

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