BMW M Performance Expands Parts Lineup

BMW is bringing a new collection of M Performance Parts to several of its popular models.

The new BMW M Performance Parts for the X3, X4, M3 and M4 models are making their debut at this year’s Essen Motor Show with the German automaker sharing photos of the X4 and M4 products. Given that the X4 is similar to the X3 and the M3 is a sedan variant of the M4, you can get a pretty good idea of how the products look on their counterparts despite the lack of photos.

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As is typical with M Performance Parts accessories, expect a collection of aerodynamic accessories for the M3, M4, X3 and X4 as well as power upgrades to enhance performance. There are even plenty of interior accessories available from LED door sill plates to an M Performance steering wheel with race display.

GALLERY: BMW X4 M Performance Parts


GALLERY: BMW M4 M Performance Parts


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