Top 10 SEMA Cars We're Stoked to See

Luke Vandezande
by Luke Vandezande

This week the Specialty Equipment Market Association will light Vegas on fire in one of the biggest conventions hit the strip each year.

Things officially kick off tomorrow morning, but we’re going to slip in a day early to try and steal advance glances of the cars. Because the show doesn’t open until tomorrow, there’s no telling what we will or won’t see today, but these are the top 10 cars that we’re looking forward to seeing this week and hoping for a peek at today.

Even if it isn’t a particularly exciting car to drive, we love the Honda Fit. It’s affordable, practical and entertaining if not thrilling to take for a spin.

2014 SEMA Show Preview Page

The Tjin Edition Honfa Fit gets a widebody kit 18-inch forged alloy wheels, special paint and sits much lower to the ground thanks to an AirREX air suspension.

We’re already pretty bullish on the new Hyundai Genesis, but a model with an even more powerful version of its 5.0-liter V8? Yes, please.

2014 SEMA Show Preview Page

The project comes courtesy of ARK Performance and boasts an extra 130 hp bringing the total to 550, hence the Genesis AR550 name. The car also gets a modified suspension for enhanced handling along with cosmetic enhancements to make it look more aggressive and big Brembo brakes.

Two years ago at the SEMA Show, the Scion FR-S was all anybody could talk about and it was hard to go against the crowd.

The FR-S and its Subaru BRZ sibling are still both represent some of the best performance value per dollar spent and offer an almost blank canvas for anyone who wants to tinker with their car.

2014 SEMA Show Preview Page

Toyota teased us at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show with a convertible concept version of the GT86, spurring speculation that there might be an open air version coming.

It probably never will, at least not in this part of the world where the Toyobaru sports car’s primary selling point is being affordable. But if you’re really invested in topless FR-S driving, you could always pay a shop like Cartel Customs to slice ‘er open. That’s what they did here.

Kia teased a van that looks like it can double as a mobile bar in a short video clip last month. The video says “something is brewing for the 2014 SEMA Show.”

2014 SEMA Show Preview Page

The clip shows that Ballast Point Brewery is involved in the project and that part of the van can fold out to become a bar surface.

The Lexus RC F is already an especially cool car with striking if not somewhat polarizing style. We’re fans and the thought of adding a widebody kit only makes that the case even more.

2014 SEMA Show Preview Page

Specifications haven’t been released yet, but with GReddy’s hands in the project, you can bet that it will be much more than asuperficial facelift.

The 2015 Ford Mustang is probably going to be the hallmark car of this year’s SEMA show and projects like this are why that’s true.

Before Ford even had a chance to release the new Mustang to dealers, tuning companies were already revealing details and plans for packages to take the already powerful car to new heights.

2014 SEMA Show Preview Page

Vortech isn’t missing its opportunity either. The company will offer supercharger kits that can take the car from its stock 435 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque to 640 hp and 485 lb-ft as shown or up to an insane 1,200 hp.

Ringbrothers knows that modernized classics are the only way to make an American muscle car fan grin more than showing them a brand new hopped up pony.

2014 SEMA Show Preview Page

As you can probably guess, that’s exactly what they’re planning for SEMA this year by bringing a Chevelle with a 7.0-liter V8 under its hood pushing out a monstrous 980 hp.

“Relentless” is probably the best word to describe how acceleration in the BMW M4 feels. Its twin-turbo inline six never lets up.

2014 SEMA Show Preview Page

If we had to pick one flaw, it would probably be that it doesn’t look as wild as it actually is.

That’s where Vorsteiner comes in. Just look at this thing…

Leave it to Liberty Walk to take a car that already looks like it will rip your guts out and make it even more aggressive. The Aventador speaks for itself, but these smug bastards slipped a megaphone to Lamborghini’s flagship, gave it a widebody kit and a massive spoiler to name a few of the changes.

2014 SEMA Show Preview Page

As you probably know, ACR stands for American Club Racing. Dodge introduced the Viper ACR in 1999 as a lighter (relative term), more performance focused model. It made more power than other Vipers of its time and went farther in the name of performance enhancement than the current Viper TA model does.

2014 SEMA Show Preview Page

Dear Dodge,

Please, please, please produce this car.


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