Toyo Versado Noir Review


Toyo is introducing a new tire this year to its Versado all-season lineup that it calls the Noir. In general, the Versado line is meant to offer a smooth, quiet ride in line with what you might expect in a premium vehicle. Toyo Versado Noir Review.

The Noir line is specifically meant for sedans and coupes and designed to make longer drives more comfortable and to damp out bumps and uneven road surfaces. It acts as a replacement to the Versado LXII in Toyo’s product lineup and ought to offer improvements in fuel economy over those tires barring other changes.

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Before I fitted my 2004 Acuara TSX with the Versado Noirs, it rode on a set of Toyo’s ultra high performance all-season Proxes 4 Plus. I evaluated those tiresToyo-Versado-Noir-03 two years ago and found that they struck an agreeable balance between offering the grip of an ultra-high performance tire without totally sacrificing ride comfort.

Fast Facts:

  • New silica compound increases tread life, enhances wet performance 
  • Warranty covers tires for up to 75,000 miles
  • Replaces Versado LXII in Toyo lineup

Nevertheless, they are still performance tires. It’s been about a month since I made the switch and the difference is obvious. The Versado Noirs make less noise at highway speeds and absorb road imperfections more gracefully than the performance tires I grew accustomed to. When I would drive over highway joins with the old tires, I could feel and hear a “thunking” sound that isn’t present with the more comfort-oriented Versado Noirs.

The sidewalls feel softer and the trade-off there is that my TSX doesn’t feel as eager to corner and able to hang on during those corners as it used to. I can feel the tires squishing more around highway clover leafs, but it isn’t enough to be problematic.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 10.32.55 AMThe Versado Noir uses a new silica compound that, according to Toyo, will increase tread life while offering improved performance on wet pavement. Depending on the speed rating, Versado Noirs come with a limited warranty covering them for 50,000 miles with a W rating, 65,000 miles with a V rating and 75,000 miles with an H rating. The guaranteed distances assume that you use four ties of the same size to allow for maximum tire rotation. The warranty covers half those distances with cars that have staggered wheel sizes.

Toyo offers a wide range of fitments with widths running from 195 to 245 millimeters and wheel diameters from 15 to 18 inches. Pricing for the smallest set starts at about $68 per tire and can run as high as $149 per tire.


The Verdict: Toyo Versado Noir Review

Toyo’s new premium touring tire delivers good ride comfort and reasonable handling characteristics for an all-season touring tire. It’s affordable, comfortable and available in a wide range of sizes.

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