2016 Tesla Model X Deliveries to Begin in 3-4 Months


The Tesla Model X is expected to go on sale in three to four months.

The American electric automaker’s CEO, Elon Musk, confirmed the news during the company’s annual shareholder meeting, adding that Tesla will also let some drivers begin testing an autopilot feature at the end of the month. The Tesla Model X crossover will be the third vehicle in the automaker’s lineup, joining the Tesla Roadster and Model S, although the Roadster is no longer available brand new.

Originally scheduled to head to production in 2013, the Model X was delayed numerous times due to technical issues but Musk confirms that he’s been test-driving the Model X himself and is pleased with the progress. Features that the company is focusing on to ensure they work properly include the crossover’s wing-like doors and sliding rear seats.

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For 2015, Tesla plans on delivering 55,000 vehicles and earlier this year said that it already had 20,000 reservations for the all-electric crossover.

In addition to revealing the Model X delivery schedule, Musk also spoke about how the sole battery swap station in California isn’t being used and it’s unlikely that Tesla will expand the availability on said stations anytime soon.

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