Aston Martin Set for Formula 1 Return with Red Bull Racing


Aston Martin could be returning to Formula 1.

Autosport reports that the British automaker is currently in negotiations with Red Bull Racing that would bring the marque back to Formula 1 using engines provided by Mercedes-Benz.

The deal is still in the works, but it would make Aston Martin the brand partner with Red Bull Racing in exchange for helping broker a deal to run the successful Mercedes F1 engine. In the past, Aston Martin only competed in two seasons of Formula 1 in 1959 and 1960, but considering Mercedes owns five percent of the brand and the automaker is eager to return to Formula 1, a deal is very well possible between all three companies.

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It’s also not surprising that Aston Martin is moving towards Formula 1 now that Andy Palmer is at the helm as CEO. Both Palmer and Aston Martin’s director of marketing and communications, Simon Sproule, helped make Infiniti’s championship-winning partnership with Red Bull Racing a possibility.

Currently, Red Bull has a contract to race with Renault-sourced engines until the end of 2016, but that relationship has been rocky at best. In fact, the team has threatened to pull out of the series if it isn’t able to get competitive engines in the near future from the French automaker.

[Source: Autosport]

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