Noble Aims to Increase Production to 25 Units Annually

Noble Aims to Increase Production to 25 Units Annually

Noble wants to double its production to 25 units a year.

The niche British automaker currently produces about 12 of its M600 sports cars annually, making it one of the rarest vehicles available. As a result, the order books are always full and now the company’s managing director, Peter Boutwood, admits Noble is looking for a way to build up to 25 units a year in the future. According to Noble, its M600 takes around three months to build due to a limited staff of less than 20 people, and the company’s pursuit of ensuring each vehicle is built to its standards bumper to bumper.

In an interview with Autovisie, Boutwood said that Noble is considering expanding its employee base to help make manufacturing quicker without compromising quality. The hand-built Noble M600 is powered by a Volvo-sourced 4.4-liter V8 engine with a pair of turbochargers bolted on to give several levels of performance: 450, 550 or 650 hp. Essentially the different settings raises the boost of the car, which can be done with a switch inside the cabin.

[Source: Autovisie]

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