Next-Gen Toyota GT86 Reportedly Using KERS, Turbo Engine

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu

More rumors of the next-generation Toyota GT86 have surfaced.

In addition to an earlier report that the next-generation Toyota GT86 will be built on the new Mazda MX-5 Miata platform, it is now rumored that Toyota will take advantage of a 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine and an F1-style Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) for its powertrain. The engine will be good for around 188 hp and will mirror Mazda’s 1.5-liter four-cylinder SkyActiv engine configuration.

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Readers should take these rumors with a grain of salt, since it seems more like a wish list item than something that could be crammed into a vehicle that still stickers in the mid-$20,000 range. If some of this does come to fruition, it most certainly means that the Subaru BRZ will be the odd vehicle out, especially if Toyota turns to using the MX-5 platform for the next-generation GT86, or Scion FR-S in North America. Recently, Subaru of America’s president and chief operating officer said that the BRZ needs “more performance,” and wouldn’t confirm whether a second-generation model is in the works with the Subaru nameplate.

Currently, it is speculated that the new GT86 will debut sometime in 2017 with production models not heading to dealerships until 2020.

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Jason Siu
Jason Siu

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  • Joe smoe Joe smoe on Aug 21, 2015

    Really, only 180hp? Maybe if the car costed 12k, not 25k+ like it currently does.

  • Jo Rz Jo Rz on Oct 26, 2015

    Seriously Toyota??? They really are a joke these days when it comes to performance cars, and that's coming from a long term fan. Everybody knows and says that the GT86 seriously needs more power, but they won't listen. This is reflected by the sales figures, which really is not surprising when it's losing to the MX5, Fiesta and Focus ST, Clio and Megane RS, Golf GTI, Subaru's and what-have-you both on track and in the real world! I am really disappointed by Toyota. When Mazda is investing some serious money, time and effort to bring a better than ever Miata and Mazda 3 MPS and a possible Mazda 2 MPS, when Ford really upped their game with the seriously fun Fiesta, the superbly powered Focus ST and now the Focus RS, when Renault has been working hard on bringing us the Clio RS and one of the best FWD hot hatch of all time in the Megane RS, when Honda's decided to go absolutely bonkers and bring back the Civic Type R with a screaming turbocharged engine, when VAG has made the Golf GTi better than ever and offers plenty to chose from in the Cupra/vRS range too, heck even Subaru's doing a pretty decent job with the WRX and STI these days, what has Toyota been up to really??? I mean even the GT86 is essentially a rebadged Subaru the much anticipated S-FR will have a BMW powerplant!!!! The biggest car manufacturer on the planet and they can't even develop a sports car on their own, what a big joke!!! Come on, wake the f*** up Toyota and listen to your fans!!!! To make matters worse, Toyota's "legendary" reliability index is not what it used to be anymore and with the exception of Lexus, other Japanese brands such as Mazda and Honda now enjoy a better end-customer perception, even more so when it comes to car enthusiasts and petrolheads.

    • Jo Rz Jo Rz on Oct 26, 2015

      Let me just add that yes, Camry's, Corolla's and Land Cruiser's will continue to bring the cash home for Toyota, and yes, pouring money into the required R&D to develop a sporty car that will only account for a fraction of their market share might seem totally unreasonable. BUT market share is not everything. The executives at Toyota seem to have forgotten what brand perception is, and Toyota of all manufacturers should never forget that as they built their brand and their huge fanbase on the perception of quality, reliability, toughness and ruggedness of their cars and most notably the Land Cruiser back in the 70s and 80s. Did it make financial sense to develop the Supra, the Celica GT4 All-trac or the AE86 which all are now classic drivers cars? Probably not but car enthusiasts respected Toyota for coming up with those, fans of the brand and haters alike. The development of a sporty car really goes a long way when it comes to improving brand perception. Ask Mazda, Honda Nissan or Renault what the Miata, Mazda 3 MPS, Civic Type R, Clio/Megane RS, GTR, have done for them. It's an investment and even though it might not seem to make the most financial sense, in the end it does make a lot of sense. The kind of sense the executives at Toyota seem to be lacking unfortunately. Wake the f*** up Toyota!!