Nissan Teatro for Dayz Concept is for Social Media Lovers

What is it that young people want in new cars? Is it performance or fuel economy? What about style, affordable pricing or reliability? Well, Nissan thinks it has the answer with a cube-shaped concept that’s called the Teatro for Dayz, that’s DAYS with a Z.

This car is designed for so-called “digital natives,” youngsters that have grown up immersed in the Internet and technology. This out-of-the-box concept that happens to look like the cardboard container a new washing machine came in supposedly rejects conventional automotive thinking. Instead of aggressive, emotional design it looks rather plain. According to Nissan, this is because traits like these don’t resonate with the people it’s aimed at.

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The Teatro for Dayz – DAYS with a Z – may look rather Spartan on the outside, but it’s even starker when you open a door. All you see are some bench seats, a pair of pedals and an oblong steering wheel. Its cabin is devoid of any knobs or switches; instead it uses voice control and motion sensors to operate various functions.

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In lieu of actual stuff, the cabin has been turned into a giant screen. The seats, headrests, door trim and instrument panel can all display information, which is perfect for people who live on Snapchat or have to check their Facebook feeds every 30 seconds. And if that’s not enough, its exterior can display information as well.

Overall, a clean canvas was supposedly the inspiration for this model, something that would allow driers to freely create and share experiences. Now, no powertrain information about the Teatro for Dayz – DAYS with a Z — has been provided at this point, but chances are the “share natives” wouldn’t care about that.

Don’t expect to see the Nissan Teatro to head to the U.S. anytime soon considering the Cube wasn’t long for this world.

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