Apple Registers ‘’ Domain Names

The possibility of Apple entering the automotive industry is getting closer to becoming a reality.

Apple has registered a trio of domain names,, and, hinting that the company is working on a car. Although the domains could be related to Apple CarPlay, rumors and speculation that Apple is getting into the automotive industry have been running wild in recent months. It is believed that the company is at least exploring the idea of selling its own vehicle and has a secretive team that is developing an electric vehicle to hit the market by 2019.

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Given that Google has been investing heavily into self-driving cars, it’s almost no surprise that Apple wants to compete as well. The development has allegedly been called “Project Titan” internally and even spy photos have shown Apple testing a vehicle.

Currently all three domain names are inactive, but they are registered to the company if you perform a Whois record search. Perhaps Apple will have something to announce at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show next week, given the timing of the registration.

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[Source: MacRumors]

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