Top 10 Vehicles With the Best Resale Values

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu

Buying a vehicle isn’t really an investment because they depreciate so quickly, but some vehicles do have better resale value than others.

The NADA Used Car Guide has compiled its list of vehicles with the best resale values, a list that is conquered by SUVs and pickup trucks. The resale value is based on the going price after three years of ownership, with the NADA Used Car Guide looking at 241 models total.

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Here are the Top 10 vehicles with the best resale value along with how much of their original value they retain:

10. Honda Ridgeline – 62.5%

Honda’s pickup truck retains 62.5 percent of its original value after three years despite not being a strong contender in the pickup segment. The Japanese automaker is introducing its next-generation Honda Ridgeline at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show and it will be interesting to see what improvements Honda has made to make it more competitive and attractive to shoppers.

9. Toyota Sequoia – 63.7%

Retaining 63.7 percent of its value after three years, the Toyota Sequoia has a strong resale value despite being a large, heavy SUV with poor fuel economy. Still, the Sequoia is a roomy SUV that starts under $45,000.

8. Toyota Highlander – 64.7%

Toyota’s midsize crossover offering is the Highlander, which retains 64.7 percent of its value after three years. Starting just under $30,000 the Toyota Highlander is just one of many Toyota vehicles with outstanding resale value.

7. Subaru Forester – 64.7%

The affordable Subaru Forester starts around $23,000 and is also a safe bet if you’re looking for a vehicle that doesn’t lose a whole lot of value after three years. The Forester retains 64.7 percent of its original price and is one of the more practical vehicles on the list.

6. Toyota Tundra – 65.3%

Even Toyota’s large pickup, which is priced from under $30,000 holds a strong resale value. After three years of ownership, a Toyota Tundra is still worth 65.3 percent of its original price, but it’s not the pickup with the best resale value.

5. Subaru Impreza – 65.7%

The other Subaru vehicle on the list is the popular Impreza, which retains 65.7 percent of its value after three years. The Subaru Impreza actually has the best resale value out of all standard cars, only outpaced by SUVs and pickup trucks.

4. Ram 3500 – 66.1%

The only American vehicle to make the list is the Ram 3500, keeping 66.1 percent of its value after three years. The heavy-duty pickup is priced from around $33,000 and offers best-in-class diesel towing at up to 31,210 pounds and best-in-class diesel torque with 900 pound-feet.

3. Toyota 4Runner – 72.0%

The popular Toyota 4Runner also does a great job maintaining its value, being worth 72 percent of its original price after three years of ownership.This is interesting considering how most automakers have turned to crossovers rather than truck-based SUVs, yet the 4Runner continues to have strong prices on the used car market.

2. Toyota Tacoma – 75.6%

By now, you can’t be surprised to see yet another Toyota on the list, but the company’s Tacoma has the best resale value out of all pickup trucks. Retaining 75.6 percent of its value after three years, the Toyota Tacoma is celebrating the New Year with the introduction of an all-new model that looks to be a serious contender for years to come.

1. Toyota FJ Cruiser – 91.5%

Surprise! The vehicle with the best resale value is one that can’t even be bought any more. When Toyota announced that it was killing off the FJ Cruiser, it seemed like the only people that really cared were FJ Cruiser owners and enthusiasts. How wrong the market can be, considering after three years the FJ Cruiser is retaining 91.5 percent of its value. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s not longer available, but the FJ Cruiser tops the list of vehicles with the best resale values.

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Jason Siu

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  • Dohhhhh1 Dohhhhh1 on May 28, 2016

    Jeep Wrangler retains 79% of it's value after 3 years, conveniently left out. Also voted best 4x4 of the year and of the Decade.

  • The Goat The Goat on Jul 07, 2017

    Sorry but look for the Tacoma to start falling from the list, my 2016 TRD Sport had issues from day one, transmission clunks, surging, and that 3.5 Atkinson cycle engine sounded like a large timex watch, tick tock tick tock tick tock, it was ridiculous, traded it after 11k miles for a 2017 4Runner.