Mercedes Debuts Next-Generation Diesel Engine for E-Class

Jodi Lai
by Jodi Lai

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled its next-generation diesel engine, a new four-cylinder unit that will debut in the E-Class.

The big news for this 2.0-liter engine is that is all-aluminum, and it’s the first aluminum four-cylinder diesel from Mercedes. Interestingly, the engine will still use steel pistons. The new engine will power the E 22o starting this spring. It’s likely that a version of this engine will come to North America, but we are still awaiting confirmation from Mercedes on this matter.

The engine is first in a modular family of powerplants that will be used across the German automaker’s lineup of cars and vans. Packed with more refinements and technology to make it more fuel efficient, Mercedes says this engine consumes 13 percent less fuel than the one it replaces, and is also 17 percent lighter. One big reason for the better fuel economy is that internal friction has been reduced by 25 percent.

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Power output has also been increased: Horsepower is now 195 (up from 170) at 3,800 rpm, but torque remains a healthy 295 lb-ft, which peaks at 1,600 to 2,400 rpm.

Despite VW’s diesel emissions scandal, Mercedes maintains that premium diesel cars are “future-proof” and that “the diesel engine is indispensable.”

Still, Mercedes says that there is a huge focus on plug-in hybrids, hinting that by 2017, it will have 10 plug-in models on the market. Fuel cell and electric cars are also being considered, and Mercedes says it plans to offer a fuel cell EV based on the GLC in 2017, and that an EV with a 250 to 310 mile range is on its way.

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Jodi Lai
Jodi Lai

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