Is This the Apple Car?

Is the world finally going to see what the Apple Car is going to look like?

Motor Trend has tweeted a series of posts teasing a full story on the Apple Car that will be published tomorrow. The publication is being vague on confirming that it is the official Apple Car, so, unfortunately, we will have to wait until tomorrow to find out. The tweets were accompanied by the hashtag #MTAppleCar, so there is a possibility it could be a concept designed by the publication and in no way affiliated with Apple.

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Rumors and speculation surrounding the development of a vehicle at the tech giant has been circulating for years now. Outside of an official announcement by Apple, it is widely believed that the company is getting ready to enter the automotive market and it appears by Motor Trend’s latest tweet that it will be an all-electric car set to compete against the Tesla Model 3. There’s also a series of sketches showing off what the Apple Car could look like.

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[Source: Twitter]

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