Chevy is Testing an Insane Looking Camaro at the Nurburgring

Chevrolet has taken to one of the world’s toughest race tracks to put a new high-performance Camaro to the test. 

This car may be the precursor to a new Camaro Z/28, though the previous generation of the car certainly did not feature such a massive rear wing. Plenty of other aerodynamic upgrades can be seen as well including front canards on the bumper, a revised front facia and side skirts all around.

What will be under the hood of this new Camaro is also unknown. The previous Z/28 used a naturally aspirated 7.0-liter V8 that made 505 horsepower, though GM could use the 640-hp supercharged V8 found in the ZL1 or even a new twin-turbo V6 unit.

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Based on all the upgrades that appear on this car, it would make sense for it to be the new Z/28, which is traditionally the most track-focused version of the Camaro. The aero upgrades also match up with some Camaro prototypes that were caught running around on public streets earlier this year, though they didn’t feature the big wing.

Whatever is it, this Camaro looks like it is ready to carve corners and set lap records.

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