VW’s Skoda Brand Could Be Planning to Launch in U.S.


Volkswagen could be planning to introduce the Skoda brand to North America. 

In a recent move, Skoda filed for a number of trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), protecting the names Skoda Superb, Superb, Octavia and Yeti for the very first time in North America.

Patents are often filed simply to protect the naming rights of certain products and it is possible that Skoda wanted to make sure that no American company tried to scoop up those names.

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The alternative reason is that Skoda is planning to launch in the United States, which is not an entirely impossible idea. Profits at the Volkswagen passenger car brand are down 86 percent since the diesel-emissions scandal broke, though the Volkswagen Group remains profitable, thanks to its three big money makers: Porsche, Audi and Skoda.

Volkswagen passenger cars never really achieved mainstream sales numbers in North America and now with a tarnished reputation, the VW brand may never be able to gain back the public’s trust. So bringing in the Skoda brand to either replace the Volkswagen brand or to simply bolster its offerings could be the company’s strategy on rebounding from the diesel scandal.

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Jonny_Vancouver says:

That Yeti … I didn’t know VW owned Skoda. It’s unfortunate because of the Yeti being so awesome.

Archknight77 says:

Luckily VW let’s them have some creative liberty with the shared platforms, so the new Yeti should be even more amazing. Its suppose to grow in dimensions but I have a feeling it still will be shorter than the Tiguan. The one concern I have since VW knows how Americans feel about dual clutch transmissions, will they give Skoda access to the ZF 8AT or license a version of their 9AT??

smartacus says:

i’ve seen discussions about this in a few places, with a recurring theme popping up about Skoda replacing VW as the budget brand in USA.

Archknight77 says:

It would make sense to move Skoda into the position of budget brand in the North American market as it’s unheard of here. With most here believing VW models are too expensive and unreliable, Skoda on the other hand could take a Hyundai/KIA type of approach. VW could move their models could to the mid to upper 20k range to more niche products and near premium like Buick, Acura, and Lincoln. If Kodiak contemporary interior color scheme is where they are headed, Skoda will do very well in the US as a mainstream brand.

Perry F. Bruns says:

With their emissions record, VW should buy the Trabant marque from what’s left of Sachsenring.

pywaket_1 says:

I just had the opportunity to drive around in a Skoda Octavia estate 4×4 in Iceland, and it was a really sweet car to drive. The build quality was very solid, and it felt like a much more expensive car than it is.

Sten says:

Yes the Octavia estate 4×4, and also Skoda Scout and Superb estate. Any of these done as an EV or plug-in hybrid would sell really well. Very practical vehicles.