The Rally Fighter is the Off-Road Supercar You Build Yourself

One look at the Local Motors Rally Fighter will tell you it’s a unique car — a sports-car-shaped off roader that looks likes the ride of choice for a geeked-up War Boy in Mad Max: Fury Road. But, there’s a bit more to it than that.

Based in Phoenix, Arizona and lacking any sort of traditional business structure, Local Motors built the Rally Fighter using a design that was almost entirely crowd-sourced, meaning just about anyone on the internet who was willing to speak up contributed to the final product.

Not only that, but after you plunk down $99,000 to buy one, you’ll head to the Local Motors factory to help assemble your very own Rally Fighter. Sure, most people expect their car to be assembled after they pay for them, but building a car that you’ll enjoy for years to come is sure to give you a sense of achievement that no other car will provide.

What you’ll end up with is an incredibly capable off-roader with a 430-horsepower, 6.2-liter Corvette V8 under the hood that sends power to the rear wheels. Exterior and interior color and livery options are virtually limitless.

Only 2,000 will be built — one of them by you, if you’re up for it.

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Max Pond says:

This car has been around for some time. Very cool. Would love to have one but 100K? Don’t love it that much.

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