Volkswagen Accused of Cheating Again in South Korea

Alex Ricciuti
by Alex Ricciuti

Prosecutors in South Korea raided the Seoul offices of German automaker Volkswagen last month in search of evidence that the company had forged documents related to the the fuel efficiency of its vehicles.

The investigation is still ongoing and prosecutors have said they will be summoning VW officials for questioning. The automaker stands accused of fabricating a total of 37 reports that were given to the National Institute of Environmental Research in South Korea, which comprised data on 26 different VW Group models including the VW Golf and the Audi RS7. The reports were part of the approval process for the import of vehicles into South Korea.

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VW is still reeling from the dieselgate scandal which came to light when the company was found to have installed software to cheat emissions tests on 11 million diesel-powered vehicles around the world.

To try and combat its new negative image, VW has launched an ambitious plan to introduce a whole slate of electric vehicles starting in 2019.

[Source: Bloomberg via Auto News]

Alex Ricciuti
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