Tesla CEO Lets Details Slip on Model Y, Minibus

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has taken the Twitter, again, to divulge some future product details.

Musk has confirmed that the brand’s upcoming compact crossover will be called the Model Y and will be based on the upcoming Model 3 platform. “Model Y (compact SUV) off Model 3 chassis,” tweeted Musk. The Model 3 will be the brand’s first high-volume offering and is expected to launch in 2017, so expect the Model Y sometime after that.

Musk recently revealed Tesla’s second master plan, where he outlined the brand’s intent to build the compact crossover along with an all-electric, self-driving bus that will change public transit in the future. “The Tesla Minibus will be built on a Model X chassis. People density potential is surprisingly high,” says Musk.

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Tesla’s view of the future includes driverless buses that can be summoned by the press of a button and can drop you off right at your front door. Along with an all-electric heavy-duty semi-truck, Tesla’s new minibus is said to be ready to debut next year.

The brand is also working on a pickup truck which will eventually spawn a cargo van to compete with the Ford Transit and Mercedes Sprinter.