Upcoming Tesla Pickup Truck Imagined by Artist


Tesla has gone on record saying that it wants to build an electric pickup truck, so our graphic artist has imagined what that could look like.

As part of Tesla’s Master Plan, Part Two, CEO Elon Musk confirmed that a light-duty and heavy-duty pickup truck are in the early stages of development and will be unveiled early next year. Musk said he wants a product to compete with the Ford F-150.

But what would a Tesla pickup truck be called? So far, we have the Model S, 3, X, so maybe Model Y would be a good name for the truck to complete Tesla’s cheeky “S3XY” lineup? The Model Y could also be a compact crossover built on the Model 3 platform, but Tesla could still use that designation for its upcoming pickup truck.

Tesla Pickup Truck render rear

Engineering a proper powertrain for an electric truck would be a huge challenge for the American automaker, as it would need to have a good driving range, even under a heavy load. Trucks need massive torque for pulling, towing, and off-roading, but Tesla should be somewhat prepared for a light-duty pickup with its existing technology. It shouldn’t be too difficult for the automaker to create a Honda Ridgeline-sized competitor that is based on a car chassis and with a shorter bed like the one imagined in these artist renderings.

A heavy-duty truck is also in Tesla’s cards, and that will likely be more difficult to engineer.

Our artist chose to use Tesla’s grille design, but it’s very possible that a pickup truck could debut without a traditional grille. What do you think of these renders? Let us know in the comments section.

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