BMW Concludes 100th Birthday Tour in LA with New Motorcycle Concept

The BMW Group has been celebrating its 100th anniversary by revealing new concept cars that visualize what the next 100 years of the brand will bring. 

Starting earlier this year in Munich, the automaker unveiled its BMW Vision Next 100 concept, which was followed up by the MINI Vision Next 100 and Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 which were seen in London back in June. Today in LA, the BMW group concludes its celebration with its BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100, which showcases the brand’s idea for the next generation of motorcycles.

Unlike the Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 and the BMW Vision Next 100 this motorcycle features no autonomous driving technology. The idea for the concept was to create a pure riding experience, so they also revealed a smart visor that spans the rider’s entire field of view. Like a head-up display, it provides the rider with relevant information, and will be controlled by minute gesture controls like tilting your head.

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The design of the bike is striking, following the lines of the first bike BMW Motorrad ever made, the 1923 R32. The black frame triangle is clearly inspired by the old bike, but you’ll notice that the bike features a flexible frame, which assists in steering.


Despite the appearance of a traditional BMW boxer engine, this concept utilizes a zero emissions, presumably electric drivetrain. The unit minimizes when the bike is at a standstill, and then expands when the bike is in motion, giving off a mechanical personality.

A huge part of this bike is safety, and BMW has detailed a self-balancing system that works when the bike is stationary or on the road. It will help prevent it from being dropped or crashed by riders, which furthers the brand’s view of a future without the need for a helmet or bulky, protective riding gear.

The bike sits alongside its counterparts in the BMW Group portfolio. Despite being inspired by what we can expect in the next 100 years, the brand’s execs are hopeful that many of the technologies seen on the concept will actually arrive within the next 20 to 30 years.

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