The Most Loved SUVs and Trucks in America for 2016

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu

The SUV and pickup truck markets are booming in the U.S. and some owners love their vehicles more than others.

Based on results from the New Vehicle Experience Study that surveyed 38,763 new vehicle buyers after the first 90 days of ownership, Strategic Vision’s Consumer Love Index (CLI) measures the amount of love owners experience with their new vehicle. Strategic Vision compiles the data from over 120 different aspects of the ownership experience, ranging from interior door handles to tail light design and performance. Each aspect is rated on a scale from “1 – I Hate It” to “7 – I Love It,” with “4 – Satisfactory” being at the middle of the scale.

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Along with releasing a list of the most loved cars in the U.S., The 2016 CLI also reveals the most loved SUVs and pickup trucks, which you can see below.

Midsize Pickup – Toyota Tacoma

In the Standard (midsize) Pickup category, the Toyota Tacoma was most loved with a score of 353. The Japanese automaker recently revamped the pickup for the 2016 model year as it faces stiffer competition from its American counterparts.

Full-Size Pickup – Ford F-150

There’s a reason the Ford F-150 is the best-selling vehicle in North American history: Their owners absolutely love them. With a score of 429, the Ford F-150 is the most loved full-size pickup.

Heavy Duty Pickup – Nissan Titan XD

It’s not the Ford Super Duty or the Ram 2500/3500 that is the most loved Heavy Duty Pickup. That honor goes to the Nissan Titan XD, which hit the market in 2015 as Nissan’s first heavy duty pickup. With a score of 462, something tells us the Titan XD will continue being America’s most loved Heavy Duty Pickup.

Entry SUV – Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

For decades, the Jeep brand has been synonymous with performance off-road SUVs. They’re also loved by their owners no matter what they’re being used for. Taking the Entry SUV category is the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited with a score of 427.

Entry CUV – Subaru Crosstrek

Crossovers are coming in all shapes and sizes, but the Subaru Crosstrek is the most loved model in the U.S. Sporting a score of 459, the Crosstrek adds to Subaru’s list of five Most Loved Vehicle Awards.

Mid-Size SUV – Dodge Durango

Sales of the Dodge Durango have picked up in recent years and it seems there’s a good reason for it. According to the 2016 LCI, owners love their Durango SUVs, helping it earn a score of 419 and taking the title of most loved Mid-Size SUV.

Mid-Size CUV – Kia Sorento

In the Mid-Size CUV category, the Kia Sorento is most loved with a score of 424. Like other models on the list, the Sorento recently got updated with a redesign, helping keep it fresh in a highly competitive segment.

Full-Size Utility – Chevrolet Tahoe

Although the Full-Size Utility segment is giving way to three-row crossovers, there’s still a few models that are loved by their owners. The Chevrolet Tahoe takes the category with a score of 471.

Alternative Powertrain Utility – Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Driving a crossover, SUV or pickup truck doesn’t mean you can’t be green. The Toyota Highlander Hybrid is the most loved Alternative Powertrain Utility vehicle, earning a score of 409.

Near-Luxury Utility – BMW X4

The BMW X4 is admittedly a strange model in the German automaker’s crowded crossover and SUV lineup, but its owners are happy it exists. With a score of 481, the BMW X4 is the most loved Near-Luxury Utility in the U.S., although it’s a bit unclear why BMW would be considered “near luxury.”

Luxury SUV – Land Rover Range Rover

There are very few SUVs in this world as iconic as the Land Rover Range Rover, with its signature boxy styling existing even today. With a score of 460, the Range Rover takes the Luxury SUV category in this year’s CLI.

Luxury CUV – Mercedes GLE-Class Coupe

It may have just arrived on the market, but owners are glad Mercedes-Benz has added the GLE-Class Coupe to its lineup. Designed to compete with the BMW X6, the GLE-Class Coupe took home the title of Most Loved Luxury CUV with a score of 546.

Minivan – Toyota Sienna

Yes, minivans still exist and believe it or not, some owners actually enjoy driving one around. They may be a dying breed thanks to less embarrassing crossovers, but the minivan still serves a purpose in today’s automotive world. With a score of 349, the Toyota Sienna is the most loved Minivan around, but it’s telling that it’s also the lowest-scoring vehicle to win a category. So even though one minivan had to be the most loved, there really isn’t a whole lot to love.

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