Watch Porsche Say Goodbye to Audi’s Le Mans Race Team and Try Not to Cry

Porsche has a great deal of respect for Audi and is showing it in a new video.  

Three years ago, when Porsche announced it would be heading back to the 24 Hours of Le Mans and FIA World Endurance Championship, Audi went to its doorsteps (literally) and gave them a touching welcome. Now, Audi is pulling out of the FIA WEC after one of the most successful runs in motorsports history and Porsche has returned the favor with a tearful video of its own.

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Although both automakers fall under the Volkswagen Group, they’re still fierce competitors on and off the track.

Audi announced its plans to leave WEC earlier this year and confirmed it will shift its motorsports focus to Formula E. The company’s departure from one of the top series of motorsports proves just how costly Volkswagen’s diesel scandal has become.

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