Volkswagen Cleared to Sell Fixed Diesel Cars in US

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu
volkswagen cleared to sell fixed diesel cars in us

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has cleared Volkswagen to sell fixed diesel vehicles in the U.S.

The German automaker hasn’t been able to sell a diesel-powered car in the U.S. since it admitted to cheating on emissions tests in 2015. It has now received approval from the EPA to sell 2015 model year diesels after updating the vehicles’ emissions software. The fix will also include changes to the diesel engine hardware, but dealers do not have to wait until the repair parts become available next year.

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While reviving diesel sales is part of Volkswagen’s recovery efforts as a result of the scandal, the big question that remains is how many consumers are still interested in buying Volkswagen diesel vehicles, especially older 2015 model year cars. There’s also the reports that European Volkswagen owners are saying the diesel fix is “ruining” their cars, so it’s possible they don’t perform as advertised. It appears Volkswagen will also have the option to sell repaired vehicles that it bought back from owners.

[Source: Automotive News]

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  • Glen Miller Glen Miller on Apr 01, 2017

    "Theres also the reports that European Volkswagen owners are saying the diesel fix is 'ruining' their cars, so its possible they dont perform as advertised." Important distinction: any fixed Euro VW diesels seeing this are not equipped with urea SCR. The 2015 North American VW diesels, however, are. Speaking as an engine engineer, properly sized and calibrated urea SCR is really your only diesel vehicle option for meeting NOx emissions regulations without degrading performance. In some cases, SCR can even improve performance as compared to outgoing models because previously used (and performance robbing) NOx mitigation strategies like delayed injection timing, reduced compression ratio, and high exhaust gas recirculation rates no longer have to be so heavily relied upon.

  • DoubleCoppers DoubleCoppers on Apr 29, 2017

    Jason Siu: If you're going to write editorials, please post them in the op-ed section I'd rather not have true-believer climate change articles put up as fact. I have a master's degree in climate science, and unlike many of the climate scientists out there, I don't have to shade my facts to receive a salary from those who want to increase or decrease the effect of CO2 on the climate. I have been involved in the development of 3 computer models (2 on climate, 1 on blood flow in the heart), and I *guarantee* that I can tweak a model to get any result don't put such blind faith in the doomsday predictions based almost entirely on the current models.