Mercedes-Benz SLC Could Be Cut From Automaker’s lineup

Mercedes-Benz SLC Could Be Cut From Automaker’s lineup

Mercedes-Benz is restructuring its convertible portfolio and part of those new plans will include cutting the small SLC two-door from its lineup.

Mercedes is currently reengineering the SL and the AMG GT, with the successors of both of those models set to share a platform. The new premium underpinnings will likely be too costly to serve in a small vehicle such as the SLC, so Mercedes will drop the model rather than developing a next-generation version.

The SLC, which was formerly known as the SLK until Mercedes renamed it in late 2015, should stick around for a few years longer before it is officially killed off. That gives anyone that will miss the relatively slow-selling hardtop convertible plenty of time to place an order for one before it sails off into the sunset.

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The new modular sportscar platform from Mercedes is being engineered by AMG to ensure the next-generation SL and AMG GT are developed from the ground up with performance in mind. The platform will see a raft of changes applied to the SL platform, including the departure of a folding hardtop roof and a 2+2 cabin layout. The next-generation SL should arrive sometime in 2020.

[Source: Automobile Magazine]