Did Hyundai Just Hint at a New Sports Coupe?


Is Hyundai working on a new coupe model?

As first spotted by Autoblog, the Korean automaker has released a promotional video highlighting the brand, and while it’s not particularly interesting for automotive enthusiasts, there is one thing that catches our eye. There’s a short clip of a person working on a clay model of a coupe that looks like nothing in Hyundai’s current lineup. Our first guess would be that it’s a successor to the Hyundai Genesis Coupe, which would be marketed under Hyundai’s new luxury brand, Genesis. The automaker has said it plans on bringing the successor to market by 2020.

Considering that Hyundai is trying to separate the two brands and no other Genesis cars appear in the video, however, the car could be something else.

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Hyundai recently introduced a new Elantra to the market and it could be looking at creating a coupe variant. It’s been a few years since the Elantra coupe has been sold, and with the Genesis Coupe out of the lineup, the company could use a sporty two-door offering.

For now, it’s all speculation, but hopefully, Hyundai adds some excitement to its lineup with a stylish sports coupe.

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