The BMW M8 is Real and Here’s Proof

The BMW M8 is Real and Here’s Proof

BMW has barely pulled the cover off the 8 Series Concept and it’s already teasing a high-performance M8 variant.

The German automaker shared a video showing the BMW M8 concealed in heavy camouflage, but promises that more information will be delivered tomorrow at the M Concours. The video is rather dark, but the front license plate is clearly saying that’s a BMW M8 underneath the camouflage, although it’s a possibility BMW pulls a fast one and it turns out to just be an M Performance model like an M860i. But given how aggressive the front end styling is and how BMW is treating the teaser, we’re inclined to believe it’s the long-rumored M8.

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BMW kept the description of the video short and sweet, barely hinting at what’s to come: “Camouflage can’t simmer down excitement,” it reads. “Stay tuned for tomorrow as we accept the challenge and put the icing on top of BMW’s definition of the sporting spearhead at the M Concours on Saturday.”

So for now, we’ll just have to wait until BMW spills the details on its new flagship high-performance coupe.

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