Mazda Details New Compression Ignition Skyactiv Engine


Mazda has detailed the next-generation of its SkyActiv engine family, which will feature innovative compression ignition technology.

While the new SkyActiv engine is still under development, Mazda released some information on the upcoming mill as part of its new long-term vision announcement, which it’s calling Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030. The new gas engine, dubbed SkyActiv-X, will use compression ignition in addition to the standard spark ignition to achieve a super lean burn. Coupled with a supercharger, this technology will improve fuel economy over the outgoing SkyActiv engine by a significant margin and will also offer better throttle response and overall performance. The engine, which will be the world’s first production gasoline engine to use compression ignition, will arrive in 2019.

In addition to the new compression ignition engine, Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030 will also see Mazda expand its carbon dioxide reduction measures over what it calls a “well-to-wheel” average. That means they will aim not only to improve their vehicles’ overall fuel economy but also to lower the emissions required to build and sustain a car over its lifetime. The automaker hopes to reduce its corporate emissions by 50 percent of its 2010 levels by 2030 and achieve a further 90 percent reduction by 2050.

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Mazda also outlined plans to bring electric vehicles to market by 2019. This won’t be a sweeping, aggressive approach to electrification akin to Volvo’s, but rather a measured approach that will see it introduce electric drive technologies in regions that use large amounts of clean energy for power generation or restrict particularly thirsty vehicles. The automaker said it will double down on improving safety as well, outlining plans to introduce more active safety systems and to make autonomous driving tech standard on all of its cars by 2025.

Finally, the Japanese automaker said it will remain focused on making its cars fun to drive. It will continue to pursue good driving feel, its particular brand of which is called Jinba-ittai, and will ensure its cars “unlock people’s potential and revitalize them mentally and physically.” It will also push forward with its current Kodo design language “to the level of art that enriches the emotional lives of all who see it.”

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