Next-Gen Cadillacs to Get HARMAN Audio?

Michael Accardi
by Michael Accardi

A curious discovery on LinkedIn could indicate future content for high-end Cadillac models.

Currently, Bose provides top-of-the-line audio components for the most expensive versions of Cadillac’s sedans and crossovers, but Bose also supplies audio for top shelf Chevrolet Malibus; a balancing act between premium and pure luxury the Framingham, Massachusetts, company says it’s more than capable of handling.

But Cadillac might not be interested in Bose’s claimed ability to straddle both segments any longer, especially as rival brands Audi and BMW both offer superior Bang & Olufsen setups, Lexus has chosen Mark Levinson, and Lincoln’s gone with Revel–all conveniently part of HARMAN International’s family of brands.

Our clue comes from Lisa Graf, a Senior Project Manager at HARMAN International, who is currently working on amplifiers for General Motors applications.

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From Lisa’s profile:

Currently serving as the senior program manager on the General Motors E2UL, A2SL and A2LL amplifier program and Faraday Futures speakers.

Manage programs cost, schedule and performance. Cross-functional program management; works with engineering teams on design assurance, system test from design verification to production validation. Resolves issues with design, quality and customer interface components.

Manage program schedule and ensure program is on time for design and development, pilot builds of parts to support customer specifications and processes. Conduct system test and validation for all program requirements. Responsibilities also include production tooling kick-off, PPAP readiness, and support of the product at the customer from Start of Production (SOP).

Currently, the Cadillac ATS and CTS use the platform codes A1SL and A1LL; the A stands for Alpha platform, 1 means first generation, S and L in the third position corresponds to short or long wheelbase derivatives, while the L means Cadillac internally.

Taking Graf’s professional profile at face value, and combining it with what we know about GM’s platform nomenclature, A2SL and A2LL indicates that HARMAN is working on audio systems for the next generation of Cadillac’s Alpha-platform based sedans. The news flies in the face of a popular report circulating that Cadillac could kill or condense its sedan lineup to just one car post-2020.

If Cadillac is, in fact, planning a switch to one of HARMAN’s high-end audio brands, we should see the transition happen before the next-generation of sedans hits the market, as Graf’s work on E2UL would indicate the new sound system could debut with the upcoming Cadillac XT4 which is believed to ride on a somewhat stretched version of GM’s Epsilon platform.

Stay tuned.

A version of this story originally appeared on GM Inside News

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