Fisker is Working on Making the EMotion a Self-Driving Car

Fisker is working on making its EMotion electric car autonomous.

Earlier this year, Henrik Fisker revealed his new EMotion electric car project and is now promising more details at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show. The car designer is saying a “total reveal” of the 400-mile electric vehicle will happen in Vegas next January, and he’s currently working on fully integrating five solid-state LIDARs in time for the show.

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As you may know, LIDARs are essential for self-driving cars and Fisker did promise when he first revealed the EMotion that it will be capable of some level of autonomous. Over the past couple months, Fisker has shared a couple other images involving LIDAR, including test-driving a Mercedes equipped with a “very cool Lidar.” It’s currently unclear if there’s a certain company that Fisker will go with for the technology, but we will likely learn more at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show early next year.

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