The Last Unreserved McLaren Senna Just Sold for $2.6M

Sam McEachern
by Sam McEachern
When the McLaren Senna debuted, the British automaker said all 500 examples had already been sold and spoken for – but they weren’t being entirely honest.

It turns out there was one Senna that had yet to be claimed by an owner, and that car just sold for £2 million at an auction. McLaren had invited some of its best customers to the McLaren Technology Center in England for a special event, but surprised them with a pop auction of the final remaining Senna model. After some intense bidding, the gavel fell at £2,000,000 (about $2.6M USD) excluding taxes, which is more than three times the UK list price of the new all-new track-focused supercar. All proceeds from the sale will go toward the Senna Institute

“The McLaren Senna is the personification of McLaren’s motorsport DNA, designed without compromise to excel on a race circuit, but legalised for road use,” said McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt. “Only 500 will be built and to raise such a significant sum at auction for a cause as worthy as the Instituto Ayrton Senna – the foundation that cherishes the legacy of one of McLaren’s greatest Formula 1 racing drivers – is both a genuine pleasure for McLaren and a testament to the desirability of our new Ultimate Series car.”

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The Senna Institute is a non-profit organization set up by Viviane Senna da Silva Lalli, Ayrton’s sister and mother to racing driver Bruno Senna. It aims to create opportunities for human growth and development in Brazil, with a particular focus on young Brazilians and education. Both Viviane and Bruno were present during the special event to represent the Institute and Ayrton – one of the greatest ever Formula 1 racing drivers.

“Our family is extremely proud of the naming of the new Ultimate Series McLaren,” said Bruno. “This is the first project that really connects with Ayrton’s racing spirit and performance and the McLaren Senna honours my uncle because it is so utterly dedicated to delivering a circuit experience that allows a driver to be the best they can possibly be.”

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Sam McEachern
Sam McEachern

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