Top 10 Cars We Are Looking Forward to in 2018

Chidi Ohiaeri
by Chidi Ohiaeri

With every new year comes an onslaught of new and exciting vehicles aimed to dazzle and create lots of enthusiastic discussions and 2018’s offerings are shaping up to do just that.

The list of amazing vehicles set for release in 2018 is honestly so exhaustive that we had a hard time figuring out what should get special mentions. At the end, we chose the ten best cars expected in 2018 that we are literally counting down days for their official release.

10.) 2019 Audi Q3

We have only seen glimpses of this one so far and we are really curious as to what’s under the skin of this car. The Q3 finally moves onto the MQB platform; something it truly deserves at this point after making do with outdated Audi chassis and engine technology for so long. Spy photos show a longer and wider body with more modern lines. Rumored powertrains include a possible plug-in hybrid. Obviously Audi is taking this redesign very seriously and we are excited about the final product.

9.) 2019 BMW 3-Series

Let’s face it. The current 3-series lost its edge big time. Although thoroughly competent and a bonafide luxury car, it seemed to be chasing the heights of performance greatness with less than successful results. Newcomers like the Alfa Romeo Giulia have taken a firm seat on the throne and we are hoping with this new redesign, BMW shows them who is the boss.

8.) 2019 Genesis G70

We have already experienced the utterly unexpected delight that is the Kia Stinger. Sporting the same 2.0 turbo and 3.3 V6 engines as its Korean sibling, we are told chassis and engine programming have been tuned to deliver an even more raw experience than what was witnessed in the Stinger. We are excited to see what this Phase Two of the Korean sports sedan assault brings.

7.) 2019 Lamborghini Urus

Our dreams finally came true and Lamborghini went on right ahead and delivered the world’s very first supercar SUV. And delivered they did! Outrageous performance figures? Check. Mind blowing interior? Check. Superstar styling? Check. It even comes in an amazing shade of yellow. We were sold the first minute we laid eyes on it.

6.) 2019 Hyundai Veloster

The first generation Veloster came out swinging with crazy looks and a funky attitude but its performance chops did not end up dazzling us like we thought. The 2019 redesign has been previewed boasting a sexy new look and the promise of a high-performance N model should get those naysayers to keep quiet for a good long while.

5.) 2019 Volvo XC40

We have already gotten an extensive time with this one and Volvo’s upcoming compact crossover just hits all the right marks. We can’t wait to see it set the sales charts on fire and with its unique millennial leaning Care By Volvo purchasing option, we may be looking at the one vehicle that revolutionizes the idea of how you can buy a car.

4.) 2019 Porsche Mission E

Porsche’s first foray into the fully electric world seems to be coming out all guns blazing. We have spied the vehicle being tested numerous times in the past year and clearly Porsche is not playing games with this one. Also clearly aimed at making the Tesla Model S sweat a bit, Porsche is pulling all the stops with a mention of competitive total driving range figures and a flexible power train capable of delivering different power outputs depending on the model.

3.) 2019 Mercedes-AMG Project One

Despite the controversy over its supposed mild looks and less than brutal appearance, it should be remembered that this is a car with an expected 1000 horsepower from a revolutionary 1.6-liter turbo V6 mated to four electric motors. Expected to top 217 mph, this hyper supercar is expected to list for a cool $2.5 million. Yep, you read that right.

2.) 2019 Rolls Royce Cullinan

We don’t know what to make of this thing but it definitely has a dose of majestic presence that can’t be beat. We will get a clearer picture of how it looks when it arrives shortly. Expect it to be powered by a v12 engine (obviously) and to come with luxury features you didn’t even know you needed.

1.) 2019 Toyota Supra

It’s finally coming! After years of painful teasing and numerous false expected debut dates, we will finally feast our eyes on the sports car Toyota has been cooking up for quite a long time now. An expected price tag of around $50,000 just adds icing to the cake.

Chidi Ohiaeri
Chidi Ohiaeri

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    I certainly hope that the production version of the RR Culinan looks a hell of a lot better than the prototype. I could make a better looking vehicle out of Lego blocks.

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