Audi Unveils the Latest Version of its Flying Car Concept


Audi, Italdesign, and Airbus have unveiled the latest version of their flying car concept.

The first version of the Pop.Up debuted at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, and now the companies are following it up with the Pop.Up Next at this year’s show in Geneva. It’s a fully-electric, automatic concept that allows for horizontal and vertical travel, with the aim of transporting people in cities quickly and conveniently on the road and in the air. There’s an ultra-light, two-seater passenger cabin that can be attached to either a car module or a flight module, featuring a 49-inch screen inside.

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Audi’s contribution to the project include its knowledge on battery technology and automation. There’s also some obvious Audi styling on the car module that’s being presented in Geneva.

The three companies said the Pop.Up Next is “significantly lighter than its predecessor,” while the interior has been redesigned. Inside the capsule is an HMI system based on facial recognition and eye-tracking technology for activating and operating on-board services, as well as feedback systems for activating controls.

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