Koenigsegg Regera Offers Aero-Enhanced Ghost Package

Koenigsegg has announced what it will be displaying at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.

The Swedish automaker says it is keeping one eye firmly on the future while paying tribute to its heritage in Geneva this year. A pair of customer-build Regeras will be on display, showing off Koenigsegg’s custom-designed, artisan finishes.

The sportier of the two customer’s cars features a Crystal White exterior with a clear carbon fiber strip and Cone Orange highlights. It also boasts the Koenigsegg Ghost package, which is a series of aerodynamic enhancements that not only gives the car a more aggressive appearance, but additional downforce when required. On the inside, the Crystal White Regera boasts polished carbon fiber accents that complement the orange and black leather, contrast stitching, and polished aluminum center column.

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The other customer’s car is the Regera d’Elegance, featuring a Swedish Blue exterior, with blue-tint carbon fiber and Ocean Green striping. The color scheme continues into the cockpit, with Koenigsegg handcrafting a Swedish Blue and Ocean Green interior from a Scandinavian material that is notable for its “luxurious texture, density, and the sustainable matter in which it is manufactured,” said the automaker.

Both of the Regeras ride on the company’s exclusive Tresex carbon fiber wheels, while sporting 1,500 horsepower from a hybrid powertrain.

This year, Koenigsegg is celebrating its 25th anniversary, so to look back it will also have a CCX on display at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. It’s an example of the company’s Certified Legends program and is a rare right-hand-drive car that was originally built in 2006. The exterior of the CCX has been freshly painted its original Koenigsegg Royal Blue, while the original interior has been replaced with a Swedish, naturally colored, aniline vegetable tanned leather with a basket-weave pattern used for the rear wall and seats.

It will be interesting to see if Koenigsegg has a surprise to unveil at the show, but we won’t be holding our breath.

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