Owners Feeling Cheated After Jeep Pulls Off-Road Pages From 2018 Wrangler JL (Updated)

Stephen Elmer
by Stephen Elmer

Jeep has announced that 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL owners will not have access to Off-Road Pages, a feature that the brand had been saying was going to arrive for 2018 models at a later date.

The ‘@UconnectCares’ Twitter account, which is the official customer service account for the brand, has informed customers that “Jeep Off-Road Pages for the 2019 model year will be available in late 2018. At this time, Off-Road Pages, unfortunately, are not available for the 2018 model year. We apologize for any disappointment.”

That is correct. Unfortunately, they are now scheduled to launch with the 2019 model year. ^KB

— UconnectCares (@UconnectCares) March 8, 2018

Jeep spokesperson Trevor Dorchies told our sister site Off-Road.com in an earlier conversation that it was announced at launch that Off-Road Pages for the 2018 JL would be available at a later date. But now, Jeep is changing its tune, claiming that Off-Road Pages will not be available on the 2018 Wrangler JL at all, ever. We have reached out to Jeep for clarification on this issue and to try and find out what is causing it. As of publication time, we have not received a response from Jeep but we will update the story when one arrives.

Off-Road Pages provide the driver with a number of data points that pertain to off-roading, such as pitch, roll, altitude, GPS coordinates, drivetrain power distribution and more. The setup is only available with the Uconnect 4C NAV with 8.4-inch touchscreen.

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Buyers of 2019 model year Wranglers will be the first to get Off-Road Pages, which means availability to customers will begin in late 2018, when the 2019s hit the road. Off-Road Pages are available on both the 2017 and 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk.

Frustrated owners of 2018 Wranglers have taken to Twitter over the issue, with some claiming that the Off-Road Pages did work in their Wrangler JLs at first, but then the feature was removed. Many are frustrated and feeling like Jeep pulled a bait and switch by advertising the Off-Road Pages, which are in the owner’s manual for the 2018 JL, but then not offering them to owners.

One owner on Twitter noted that Off-Road Pages were still listed under the features for the UConnect 4C system as of March 8, 2018 on Jeep’s official website. That appears to have been changed on the brand’s website now.

Pretty sure it is clear that Off road pages are part of the included features. No small print or mention of late avail. I ordered this based on this information, so even removing it now would not make it right. Lots ordered for the feature only to be removed. #makeitright pic.twitter.com/O3oC7E9fCc

— ResilientCypher (@resilientcypher) March 8, 2018

Off-Road.com spoke with James Seibert, a 2018 Wrangler Rubicon owner, who claims that Off-Road Pages were on his Jeep when he first saw it at the dealership. By the time he got home the next day, he noticed that the feature had disappeared.

“I did a lot of research before ordering my Jeep. Saw the reveal on the computer at the LA auto show. Checked out a few models at a couple auto shows before putting money down and ordering,” Seibert said. “I was very clear with the dealer what I wanted and made absolutely sure that the Off-Road Pages would be included. Was told yes they would be since the website and manual and FCA reps assured the dealer of what was and was not included.”

Another 2018 Wrangler Rubicon owner, @robstunner on Twitter, told us a similar story, saying “I remember having that off-road page and playing with it on the dash,” but now, the off-road pages have disappeared for him as well.

Embedded below is a series of tweets from different Wrangler JL owners that are upset about not having access to Off-Road Pages, a feature many of them were promised and excited to use, but are now being told will not be available to them.

We have confirmed Jeep Off-Road Pages for the 2019 model year will be available in late 2018. At this time, Off-Road Pages unfortunately are not available for the 2018 model year. We apologize for any disappointment. ^RR

— UconnectCares (@UconnectCares) March 8, 2018

Some had this feature at delivery and it was robbed from them, this is a dumb response

— Marc-Andre Carrier (@Maccam26) March 8, 2018

UPDATE: In a statement, Jeep spokesman Trevor Dorchies said “Nothing has changed on our end. Off-road pages will still be late availability.”

A version of this story originally appeared on Off-Road.com.

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  • Haji Haji on Mar 09, 2018

    another lawsuit?

  • Jerry Stigliano Jerry Stigliano on Mar 09, 2018

    I recently test drove a 2018 Wrangler Rubicon and it had the pages... But I'm no way in hell buying one now if the ORP aren't there. I'm already pissed that I have a 2015 Cherokee Trailhawk and I've NEVER been able to complete a Jeep survey about it. I called Jeep BEGGING to do a survey, to no avail. It's clear to me that Jeep does not care about their customers, and I'm not likely to spend almost $53k on a vehicle that doesn't do or have exactly what I want. What are they going to delay next, the 4 cyl Turbo? The power sliding roof? I was waiting for those items already, but I see Jeep is just jerking around. Piss on them!