New Kia Stinger Model Variants Being Looked At


Kia is open to producing different model variants of the Stinger sedan, so long as sales and interest in the performance four-door remain strong.

Speaking to AutoGuide at the 2018 New York International Auto Show, Kia North America product planner Orth Hedrick said the company is open to producing different model variants of the Stinger. He didn’t go into detail on what the Korean automaker may be considering for the car, but a performance version, special editions, or maybe even a version with some more premium content aren’t outside of the realm of possibility.

“We’re looking at it (different Stinger variants),” Hedrick said. “The reaction has been phenomenal to (the Stinger). We’re doing great, we have a very high mix of buyers, a lot coming from Optima, so we’re looking to see if we can grow that. And I think there might be other opportunities down the road. It’s a little early yet, we just got the car on the market, and we still have a handful of dealers who have never sold one yet. We’ll probably wait for a while to get some data in and see what the reaction will be, how people feel about the brand, and then we’ll probably build (the Stinger lineup) out from there.”

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Hedrick said Kia will be updating and adding things to the Stinger lineup frequently, trying to keep it fresh and keep consumers interested. As he explains it, the Stinger is a “want” vehicle, not a “need” vehicle, so you have to do things that make people want it.

“We’re going to be very aggressive for the lifecycle of this vehicle, we’re going to be very aggressive with the colors,” he said. “It’s a fashion statement. You have to keep the car going with powertrain variants and other stuff coming down the road. I think this is something that we have to keep fresh. It’s a ‘want’ car, so it will be like ‘what’s new, what do you guys have that’s new?’”


Some readers may remember that Kia showed the Stinger in an eye-catching shade of yellow shortly after its launch. That color was part of a promotional effort for dealerships, but after getting such a positive reaction, Hedrick is looking at making the yellow a production run color. That will hopefully be one in a few crazy colors the Stinger is eventually offered in, although Kia is apprehensive to go overboard with the Skittle-inspired exterior shades.

“We used (the yellow) for a sales promotion for the dealers and it took off. They disappeared immediately, and then we were like ‘whoa!’ So we’re working with the plant and the suppliers to see if we can make this like a production run. I think it’s a limited market. We don’t want to overdo it.”

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Rocket says:

Wagon please!

Kevin Wright says:

Yes! Yes!

giordano says:

i like Kia and the cars they build. Stinger is such a great car!!

MXJ222 says:

You know this because you have driven the car? Total BS.

Kenneth Lichtig says:

I have driven the Stinger This car will surprise the masses !!

Jimi says:

Stinger GT (3.3L V6) AWD with a 6 speed??? 🙂 One can dream right?

K03sport says:

“…I think this is something that we have to keep fresh. It’s a ‘want’ car, so it will be like ‘what’s new, what do you guys have that’s new?” — Sounds good. Will there be a wagon variant of the Stinger Sedan (also available in a manual too)? Talk about keeping it fresh. Limit the run to no more than 1000 units available in NA in at least one wagon exclusive color. Kinda like Hot Wheels’ super treasure hunt cars.

“…although KIA is apprehensive to go overboard with the skittle-inspired exterior shades…” — Why, it works for Jeep (and Dodge) to some extent. I see more color variations of the Wrangler and Renegade every day and the bright colored ones bring a smile to my face as they say I have fun in this car; from bright green, to orange, to that vibrant blue and I didn’t want cookie cutter Black, White, Gray, Silver [<– boring].
Sure, the Stinger is a serious car, but that doesn't mean it can't say, "look at me, I'm a fun car with a fun owner." Take a page out of the VW book of special colors and limited editions and limit certain variations; add serialize numbering on them. Scion was remotely successful w/the 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 series cars where each one was a special, limited color and they added a bit of "spice" to what was a drab car lineup.

"Jimi – a Stinger GT (3.3L V6) AWD with a 6 speed??? 🙂 One can dream right?" Sounds good, but how much will this super loaded variant be? Will this be similar to a Cadillac "V" car? If so, it would have to be the halo car and my guess is it will approach $55k-58k, not exactly a bargain AND I think they would have to limit the color options as it would be a low volume purchase. Still, a good idea at keeping the lineup fresh.