Chevy Bolt EUV Revealed as Chevy Menlo in China Staff
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Several months ago we broke the news of a Chevy Bolt crossover. Now the first images of that vehicle have surfaced.

Set to debut at the Chengdu auto Show in China in September, when it does go on sale in China it will be called the Chevy Menlo.

It’s believe that in North America it will be called the Bolt EUV.

We don’t have full specs on the vehicle yet, but dimensions have been revealed at 183 in (4.65 m) long, 71.7 in (1.82 m) wide, 60.6 in (1.54 m) tall and it has a wheelbase of 104.7 in (2.66 m). It also measures 59.5 in (1.51 m) tall, which is roughly 3-inches taller than the Bolt hatchback.

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We expect the powertain to be similar to the Bolt, with 200-hp and a range of roughly 238 miles. With the Bolt starting just north of $37,000 expect the Bolt EUV to cost closer, if not more than, $40,000.

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