Top 10 Future Classics of 2019

Justin Pritchard
by Justin Pritchard

These 2019’s are destined to become future classics.

What makes a car a future classic?

That’s a question without a strongly-defined answer—but in many cases, a combination of looks, market significance, novelty, and uniqueness lays the foundation.

Each of the models listed below delivers strongly on each of these (and other) attributes. Some are reincarnated icons. Others are retiring from market. Some are cars, and some are off-roaders. Many are affordable, too.

And, for a multitude of reasons, each of the machines highlighted below will be popular in car-guy and car-gal conversations for years to come.

Model: Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison

Why: This range-topping variant of the Chevrolet Colorado is fitted with little less than the automaker’s latest and most innovative off-road technologies, and wrapped in a uniquely-styled body that easily conveys a high-capability presence to passers-by.

With underbody shielding to protect vulnerable components and a unique Dynamic Suspension Spool Valve (DSSV) suspension system by Multimatic, ZR2 Bison owners can explore any trail or terrain with effortless confidence.

Off-road specific fascias and bumpers dial up the prowess, and the engineers even specified a factory suspension lift and rock-slider implements. This gives shoppers out-of-the-box access to leading off-road capability, without the need to buy and install aftermarket parts. Diesel and gasoline engines are available.

Bison-spec models get hot-stamped Boron steel skid plates for added toughness, an exclusive wheel and fender flare setup, stamped steel bumpers, and a front-mounted winch.

Don’t Miss: The one-of-a-kind capability. Created in conjunction with the experts at American Expedition Vehicles (AEV), the ZR2 Bison is unmatched for capability, which was recognized by Popular Mechanics with their Off-Road Truck of the Year designation. For the shopper after one of the world’s most off-road capable pickups, the ZR2 Bison simply can’t’ be beat.

Model: 2020 Toyota Supra

Why: This reincarnation of Toyota’s famous sports car has created quite a buzz—partially thanks to the re-introduction of a high-performing Toyota sports car after many years, and partly thanks to its BMW-sourced straight-six turbo powerplant. This provides drivers with 335 suspiciously-athletic horsepower, and even more torque. A no-nonsense approach to size and weight keep the Supra light and lean. Though track-ready, it’s remarkably peaceful and comfortable when used for touring, errands, or commuting.

All units are rear-wheel drive, and an 8-speed automatic transmission is standard—complete with a lightning-fast paddle shift mode. Drivers can engage Supra’s push-button SPORT mode to dial up the excitement via improved response and power, and a full complement of safety, connectivity and convenience equipment comes standard, too.

Here’s a thrilling sports car that’s easy to enjoy on the daily—and one that’s more than happy to handle a track day, commute, or cross-province road trip with little issue.

Don’t Miss: The remarkably quiet cabin. Thanks to adaptive dampers, an ultra-rigid structure, and extensively slick aerodynamics, Supra does a surprisingly good job of keeping wind and road noise to a minimum, even at high velocities.

Model: Jeep Gladiator

Why: Jeep’s pickup truck is finally here! After teasing us for some time, the new Gladiator has arrived at dealer lots—expanding the Jeep model range to include a unique, pickup model that stays in stride with the brand’s adventurous soul.

Removable doors and roof panels give loyal Jeep shoppers access to an enticing open-air motoring experience, and a wide range of options, packages, drivelines, an sub-models ensure selection to spare. To the same end, a comprehensive array of Mopar parts and accessories can be specified for further fine-tuning to any budget or lifestyle.

Standard is a 285-horsepower V6 engine, and shoppers can choose between a six-speed manual transmission, or an 8-speed automatic. All models are equipped with four-wheel drive for maximum confidence in any weather, or over any terrain. Selected models include additional up-level off-road hardware that targets the aspiring or expert off-roader.

Leather seating, remote start, an Alpine stereo system, and automatic climate control allow owners to explore new trails with connected comfort and convenience.

Don’t Miss: The off-road trail cam, which allows drivers to select numerous on-screen images, provided by numerous body-mounted cameras. This option lets drivers see the Gladiator’s full surroundings on a single screen, negating the need to lean out a window, or exit the vehicle, to assess the nearby terrain.

Model: Acura NSX

A modern interpretation of sought-after Spa Yellow, offered on the Gen1 NSX, Indy Yellow Pearl joins Berlina Black as one of two NSX heritage colors

Why: The Acura NSX reincarnates a long-loved nameplate in the sports and performance world, and re-imagines the original Honda-built supercar with modern technologies and design.

The NSX is, once again, a mid-engine two-seater: but this time, it’s propelled by a potent turbocharged V6 with hybrid drive technology, and the automaker’s famed Super-Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) system.

Leveraging the latest in hybrid technology, NSX masterfully blends the output of it’s gasoline-fired engine with the immediate electric torque output provided by its electric motors. The result is a 573-horsepower punch, complete with 0-60 in well under 3 seconds. By many expert accounts, the NSX is one of today’s most beautiful-to-drive sports cars—a sentiment shared with its predecessor.

Distinctively sleek styling and maximum exclusivity round out the package.

Don’t Miss: The latest Thermal Orange paint. In conjunction with several tweaks and enhancements to styling and performance for model-year 2019, the NSX is now available in this striking orange hue, which works to help set off its latest looks. It’s the most striking color available for Acura’s most striking car.

Model: VW Alltrack

Why: The station wagon is becoming increasingly rare these days, and so is the manual transmission—but Volkswagen has answered the call of enthusiasts seeking both, with the Volkswagen Alltrack.

Based on the Golf Sportwagen, (which is also available with AWD and a manual transmission) the Alltrack adds a modest factory suspension lift, some model-specific cladding, and a unique off-road drive mode to dial up the ruggedness.

A proper station wagon body with a long roof and generous cargo hold makes it ideal for the driver after space to spare, with a car-like driving experience.

A standard turbocharged engine and available six-speed manual transmission round out the package—and higher-end models get top-line feature content like climate-controlled leather seating, a panoramic sunroof, performance lighting provisions, and more.

Here’s a car that’ll satisfy your desire to shift your own gears, while providing capability, traction, and versatility in abundance.

Don’t Miss: The touch-screen infotainment system. Volkswagen’s touch-screen interface is one of the market’s best—with clean graphics, logical menu structures, and an easy-to-learn approach that’ll quickly see users flitting between menus and functions with ease. The unit even includes proximity sensors that hide unneeded on-screen clutter until the driver’s finger approaches the screen, further tidying up the interface.

Model: Honda Civic Type R

Why: After many years, Honda answered the call of its most enthusiastic fans by bringing the Type R back to market. The result is the highest-performing Civic yet– complete with careful engineering and feature deployment to make it every-day friendly.

Whether doing a grocery run or visiting a weekend lapping day, Type R is ready to please.

On the track, go-kart steering, performance brakes, and a pleasing punch from its turbocharged engine dial up the smiles. As one of the world’s best-handling front-wheel drive cars, drivers can expect no shortage of thrills—regardless of skill level.

When a more peaceful drive is in order, Type R impresses with a relatively easy-to-drive demeanour: given its impressive performance capabilities, this machine offers up surprisingly comfortable operation as a daily driver. Heck, it’s even got adult-friendly rear seats, and a generous cargo-hold.

Elsewhere on board, expect no shortage of sporty stitching, badging, instrumentation and trim for a perpetual reminder that you’re driving something built to perform.

Don’t Miss: The multi-mode suspension. With the tap of a switch, drivers can dial the Type R’s suspension into various modes that deliver a wide spectrum of ride quality and handling balance. In sportier modes, the suspension feels and responds like a track-day weapon. In more comfortable modes, a relaxed and easygoing ride is on offer. Here’s a high-performing plaything that lets drivers have it their way.

Model: The Final Beetle

Why: It’s time to kiss the Volkswagen Beetle goodbye for good. Volkswagen is discontinuing their iconic small car, which is highly regarded to be the most significant automobile ever made.

“It’s impossible to imagine where Volkswagen would be without the Beetle,” said Scott Keogh, President and CEO, Volkswagen Group of America. “From its first import in 1949 to today’s retro-inspired design, it has showcased our company’s ability to fit round pegs into square holes of the automotive industry. While its time has come, the role it has played in the evolution of our brand will be forever cherished.”

Beetle fans can still consider obtaining one of its final models, however.

For the moment, both Beetle and Beetle Convertible variants are available in special ‘Final Edition’ configurations that say farewell with unique colors, cosmetics and feature content packaging.

On board, quilted-leather seating surfaces add some high-end flair, with prominent accent stitching dialling up the effect. Look for 174 standard horsepower and even more torque, for a package that’s as sporty as it is unique.

Like all Beetle models before it, the Final Edition affordably packages unique looks and content into a compelling and funky package.

Don’t Miss: The Käferfach heritage-inspired glovebox. Calling earlier Beetle models to mind, this prominent touch helps long-time Beetle fans connect with the model’s past via a retro-modern styling touch that’s subtle, but makes a strong statement. You get a little extra storage space and convenience, as well as glove-box color-matching against the exterior paint for a more dynamic look.

Model: Audi RS5 Sportback

Why: As a styling exercise, the RS5 Sportback is one of the most unique machines in Audi’s recent history. Sleek and flowing character lines accent a dramatic silhouette when viewed from the side, while an available selection of striking wheels help set things off.

With four doors and a sloping rear roofline, the RS5 Sportback offers up sports-car seating for four adults, and a highly-usable trunk. With Quattro AWD and 444 twin-turbo horsepower, drivers can expect sub 4-second 0-60 passes, complimented by lightning-speed gearshifts with paddle-shift control.

High-performing RS5 models get additional cosmetics including an air-flow optimized front fascia and massive dual exhausts in the rear. Shoppers after something more modest can also consider the standard A5 and sporty S5 sportback models as well. The same styling DNA is apparent, regardless of the model selected.

The A5, S5 and RS5 are built to serve the needs of a wide range of shoppers after all-weather performance and premium content, packaged into one of the segment’s most easy-to-identify models.

Don’t Miss: The signature LED lighting. Designers specified unique LED-fired accent lighting for the running lamps up front, and a uniquely-animated rear taillamp that further conveys the Sportback’s strong presence on the road. An unmistakable after-dark lighting signature results, helping draw even more admiring glances from fellow motorists.

Model: Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro

Why: The Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro puts world-class off-road capability within reach of modern families—and surrounds them with a package that’s brimming with feature content for enhanced capability, safety and connectivity.

The 4Runner TRD Pro is nothing less than Toyota’s ultimate 4Runner. Leveraging decades of 4×4 experience for its driver, this flagship is fitted with an impressive arsenal of highly-validated upgrades, including skid-plating, an aggressive off-road wheel and tire package, Crawl Control technology, a locking rear axle, TRD FOX Shocks, application-specific lighting provisions, and an ABS braking system calibrated uniquely for off-road use.

A factory hood scoop dials up the looks, complimenting the 4Runner’s angular new fascia. With full support from the TRD accessories catalog, shoppers can further fine-tune this machine to their exact tastes and lifestyle, too.

Don’t Miss: The off-road toolkit. With a twist of a dial or tap of a button, drivers can deploy their preferred arrangement of electronic off-road support systems for added confidence on the road less travelled. Utilizing careful tuning and advanced electronics, 4Runner TRD Pro can assist drivers in climbing or descending steep grades, crawling over hazardous obstacles, and otherwise extracting maximum traction and confidence from virtually any terrain thrown its way.

Model: Porsche Taycan

Why: The Taycan is the first all-electric car from German performance automaker Porsche—and it’s a signal of what the brand’s motoring future will look like. Fully electric and powered by a structurally-integrated battery, output of up to 750 horsepower is split between Taycan’s axles for AWD capability that helps enable crushing off-the-line acceleration.

With no conventional transmission and virtually no drivetrain power loss, the only thing between the Taycan’s Synchronous Magnet Motors and the road, are its wheels. Expect lag-free, uninterrupted and silent acceleration, with typical Porsche handling and braking characteristics to match.

The four-door body makes this electric sports car every-day usable, and easily accepting of four adult passengers. The interior flaunts a unique, EV-specific take on the brand’s interior design language, and with fast-charging from 5 to 80 percent possible in under 25 minutes, Taycan is ready to roll whenever you are.

Best of all, an innovative battery cooling system ensures consistent performance, even in the sort of severe motorsports use this machine was painstakingly designed for.

Don’t Miss: The endless possibilities for customization. With a plethora of wheel designs, paint colors, and customized options, Taycan makes it easy for shoppers to devise their perfect electric sports car experience. A full range of lifestyle-oriented accessories adds even further possibilities.

Justin Pritchard
Justin Pritchard

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