5 Reasons Why Enthusiasts Will Love the Carly Adapter

AutoGuide.com Staff
by AutoGuide.com Staff

You have apps that help connect you to friends and family, to co-workers, to your favorite pizza place. But what about an app that connects you to your car? Meet Carly.

The most advanced OBD device on the market, the Carly adapter provides users with access to in-depth diagnostics, customization options, step-by-step guided maintenance and more – all controlled directly from your smartphone.

Thanks to the Carly adapter and app, users save an average of $500 a year on maintenance costs, and those savings can really add up — especially when your vehicle is out of warranty. Checking your car regularly via the Carly app’s diagnostic tool can not only help prevent you from getting blindsided by the dreaded surprise repair bill, it can also help you cut back on unnecessary trips to the mechanic, saving you time and money.

And in case that wasn’t already enough to get you excited about Carly, check out the video below for 5 more reasons why car enthusiasts will love the Carly adapter. Then, click here to get 15% off using the code AutoGuide (valid until Oct. 31, 2020).

The Carly adapter and free lite version of the app are compatible with all brands of cars from 2001 or later. To see if Carly’s subscription features should work with your car (such as coding or service resets) visit their website and click “Start Now”.

AutoGuide.com Staff
AutoGuide.com Staff

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