Polestar Wants StoreDot To Help Create Electric Cars That Charge Extremely Fast

Kevin Williams
by Kevin Williams

In a race to establish no doubt have the fastest charging vehicles on the market, Polestar places its bets on a company called StoreDot. Recently, Polestar announced its investment in StoreDot, becoming a shareholder in a company that aims to revolutionize EV battery and charging technology. In theory, this new relationship could result in future Polestars being some of the fastest charging electric vehicles on the market.

StoreDot, an Israeli company specializes in battery technology, particularly “extreme fast charging.” According to Polestar, StoreDot has “has revolutionized the conventional Li-ion battery by designing and synthesizing proprietary organic and inorganic compounds, optimized by Artificial Intelligence algorithms, making it possible to charge an EV in as little as five minutes.”

Right now, Polestar’s goal is to drive and help shape future battery development, and it feels that StoreDot can help the company do that. As part of the agreement, Polestar’s collaborating with StoreDot, adding StoreDot’s tech to proof-of-concept vehicles.

StoreDot has a “100inX” product roadmap, in which it wants 100 miles of range to be able to be added in five minutes by 2024, 100 miles in three minutes by 2028, and 100 miles in two minutes, by 2032. Polestar’s not the only partner of StoreDot, either, the company is tangled up with BYD, Volvo, Samsung, and more. Both Polestar and StoreDot see range and charging anxiety as prime concerns for most considering making the switch to EV. If Polestar and StoreDot have their way, charging and range anxiety could soon be a thing of the past. StoreDot claims that lithium-ion cells capable of recharging 100 miles in five minutes will enter production by 2024.

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Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams

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