Polestar Finds That More Than Half of EV Buyers Didn't Purchase Because of Environmental Concerns

Kevin Williams
by Kevin Williams

More than half of EV buyers didn’t purchase their cars because of the environment, Polestar finds.

One would assume that most EV drivers made the switch, primarily out of concern for our environment. After all, at their core, electric motors and batteries are vastly more efficient than combustion engines, even if the method of recharging and power storage might not be as fully realized as we’d hoped by now. But, Polestar found that 55% of EV drivers, didn’t buy their car because of environmental concerns. Instead, Polestar found that “In-vehicle technology, seamless connectivity, and infotainment system offerings,” were among the top reasons why drivers switched from ICE to electric.

Most modern electric luxury cars are fast, and electric motors deliver power smoothly and rapidly. Thus, the era in which cylinder count, or transmission speeds, isn’t really a marker for luxury. Instead, Polestar says that user experience (UX) design is what sticks out in customers’ minds as the hallmark of luxury.

Polestar’s study continued, explaining that brand image and personal image are also huge considerations for EV buyers and that it varies by generation. For example, 57% of millennials feel confident enough in EV startups (like Polestar), but only 28% of baby boomers felt the same way. Similarly, 12% of Gen Z said that showing an eco-conscious image with their vehicle purchase is the most important consideration, twice as high as millennials, and three times as high as baby boomers.

Polestar’s research shows that there’s a lot of growth available for underserved EV curious buyers. A legacy automaker with a solid UX experience could swim upstream in the increasingly tough EV market.

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Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams

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