Rivian Outsells Ford F-150 Lightning in Q2

Kevin Williams
by Kevin Williams
rivian outsells ford f 150 lightning in q2

Rivian’s sold almost 8,000 units in the brand’s entirety, most notably outselling the Ford F-150 Lightning. Well, sort of.

Sales results for Q2 have been released, and Rivian’s showing sales numbers of 4,401. This is above the 2,296 deliveries of the Ford F-150 Lightning for the same period of time. This is good news for Rivian, but also, the F-150 Lightning didn’t officially go on sale until April 26. So, the Ford hadn’t been on sale for the entire second quarter.

According to Rivian’s CEO, via Twitter, Q2 sales numbers contribute to 7,969 units sold since production began, placing the brand “on target” for its yearly goals. Right now, all Rivians are produced at the former Normal, Illinois Mitsubishi manufacturing plant. In May 2022, the brand reiterated its goal to sell 25,000 units, but the brand has had some fairly public woes and manufacturing supply chain issues. Rivian’s taken flack in the news lately for slow deliveries, and just a few days ago, Canadian Rivian reservation owners have complained and reported that their delivery dates have been pushed back, again.

By contrast, Ford hasn’t had too many issues producing the F-150 Lighting, save for a minor recall. Ford has years of manufacturing experience, and the F-150 Lighting comes in a wide range of prices, with the most basic F-150 Lightning starting at more than $20,000 cheaper than a basic Rivian R1T.

Still, Rivian’s forthcoming R1S SUV should bolster sales in a segment that Ford does not have an entry; the three-row, fully electric SUV class.

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  • Jeon Jeon on Jul 14, 2022

    Ford delivered 1837 F150 lightening unit on June. For 3 month Q3, it will be 5511 unit. But it willbe far more than this number. We will see.

  • Bob Kelly Bob Kelly on Jul 19, 2022

    Wondering if there will be an electric pickup that can tow a 5th wheel (20,000#)? Ford apparently is limited to 10,000#.