The Tesla Supercharger Network May Soon Open To Non Tesla EVs

Kevin Williams
by Kevin Williams

Is Tesla prepping to open the supercharger network up to non-Tesla EVs?

In what looks to be an accidental leak on a Tesla charging app, more concrete evidence that the Supercharging network will soon be open to non-Tesla vehicles has shown up. Initially posted by Twitter user Sawyer Meritt, the app showed options for supercharger use. For $0.99 per month, a subscription would give supercharger users a lower kWh charge, but the Superchargers would still work on a pay-as-you-go basis. Meritt claimed that the Supercharging stipulations are mostly unlimited, except for the limit of five Supercharging sessions per day. Yet, just as quickly as Merritt and other Tesla fanatics found the leak, it was removed from the Tesla website.

BREAKING: @Tesla has launched Supercharger membership packages for Non-Tesla EV owners.

There are two plans:
• Pay Per Use: Pay as you go, access to Supercharger network
• Membership: $0.99/month (in the US), access to Supercharger network, lower price per kWh

— Sawyer Merritt 📈🚀 (@SawyerMerritt) August 17, 2022

Tesla opening up its Supercharging network isn’t unprecedented. In Europe, Tesla already has a widespread pilot program doing just so, but European Teslas use the CCS plug instead of Tesla’s proprietary plug. Any foreign EV using North American Superchargers would need an adapter. In the Netherlands, all Tesla Superchargers are open to non-Tesla EVs.

We have no way to verify Tesla’s formal plans for the US supercharger network, as Tesla doesn’t have a PR department. But, given the fact that both the European supercharger network is open for non-Teslas, and the US government has tacitly expected the supercharger network to open up to non-Teslas, we can safely expect that it’s coming soon. The subscription rates that had been posted on the site may not be final, though. At the very least, allowing supercharger use would add nearly 1,500 new DC fast chargers for drivers in the US and Canada to use.

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Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams

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