Sony And Honda Developed EV To Be Made In North America, On Roads In 2026

Kevin Williams
by Kevin Williams

Will it be called Driveman?

The Honda and Sony collaborative effort officially have a launch date of 2026. The two companies recently came into an agreement to produce an EV. The partnership officially called Sony Honda Mobility, (SHM), will spawn an electric car made in North America.

The SHM partnership will focus on online sales; the brand says it will start accepting orders for its forthcoming EV in late 2025 as it ramps up to its 2026 production goal. The brand wants to explore more tech and software-related innovations too, like special entertainment options offered through the “metaverse,” or level 3 autonomous driving features. This would be a subscription-style level of additional content, although it’s not clear what form this would yet take.

At the very least, the SHM partnership EV will likely be a premium product aimed at luxury brands. There aren’t any 100% confirmed images of what the Sony/Honda car will look or perform like, but Sony has shown two running and driving EV concepts in the past couple of years. The Sony Vision S, and Vision S 02 are two sleekly-styled EV concepts that looked nearly production ready. Initially, Sony claimed it had no plans to produce either vehicle, but warm reception and a growing EV market seem to have inspired the brand to partner with Honda to get something on the roads. Whether or not the collaboration will bring forth those two particular concepts, remains to be seen.

Sony and Honda plan to sell the vehicle by mid to late 2026.

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Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams

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