Chevrolet Teases Hybrid Corvette E-Ray; Production Model To Debut January 17

Kevin Williams
by Kevin Williams

The semi-silent Stingray is on its way.

In a surprise teaser on the Corvette-brand account on Instagram, Chevrolet teased its most revealing look a the forthcoming hybrid Corvette. Set to a superhero movie-esque soundtrack, watch as a blue Corvette moves through the city. An odd hum, that seems to match acceleration can be heard in the background of the video, only for it to be cut by the characteristic roar of the Corvette’s V8 engine. At the very end, the tagline “One Like None” appears on screen, ending the short 15-second teaser.

We can’t see too much of the actual design of the C8 E-Ray from the short, tightly-cropped vignettes in this teaser video, but there are some details we can see. Namely, the interior’s user interface has a new rotary selector, with a drive mode named “stealth.” The stealth mode may be an electric-only mode, allowing the sports coupe to silently prowl around without activating its big V8 engine. It also appears that the E-Ray production model will at the very least, have its own wheel design not found on other C8 Corvettes.

We do know that the E-Ray will likely be an all-wheel-drive hybrid Corvette, with the front axle being electrically driven. Thus, that may be why GM chose a snow-covered track, likely to hint at the new Vette’s AWD system. This will be the very first AWD and hybrid Corvette to ever exist in production form.

We won’t know official details until the E-Ray drops officially next week, on January 17. It will most likely go on sale later this year, as a 2024 model.

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Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams

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