Chevrolet Tweaks The Silverado's Equipment For 2024; Diesel Comes To ZR2

Kevin Williams
by Kevin Williams

Some seemingly minor, but actually quite significant changes are coming to the Silverado for 2024.

The current generation Chevy Silverado may have been facelifted a short time ago, but that doesn’t mean that GM isn’t continually keeping the truck relevant. For 2024, the truck has a few changes that might seem insignificant but actually could help broaden the appeal of the truck.

Starting off, GM’s littlest truck engine now has a new name: TurboMax. This engine is the 2.7-liter turbocharged four-cylinder introduced for the current generation truck. Despite being small, it is mighty, still producing 310 horsepower and a whopping 430 ft/lbs of torque. It’ll remain available in much of the Silverado’s lineup, and even allow the truck to tow up to 9,500 lbs. The TurboMax moniker will also be applied to Chevy Colorado, which also uses the same engine.

Next up, the off-road Goliath, the ZR2, will now also have the 3.0-liter Duramax Turbodiesel as an option. Currently, the ZR2 is only available with the 6.2-liter gas engine, but GM says the diesel engine is a “natural fit” for the ZR2.

Lastly, the Silverados equipped with the 6.2-liter engine will come with an Active dual exhaust. This should let that huge V8 sing, albeit at the driver’s discretion. The new system will come with modes that crank up the exhaust noise when the driver switches drive modes, like between tow/haul, and sport. There are also some other minor appearance package upgrades, like the Blackout package, and a High Country Midnight edition.

The full-sized truck segment is a highly competitive one, and it’s important to stay relevant. These updates will be available as the 2024 Silverado makes its way to dealerships.

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Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams

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