Study Says Tesla Model X Is Most Driven Electric Car; Other Tesla Models Not Far Behind

Kevin Williams
by Kevin Williams
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study says tesla model x is most driven electric car other tesla models not far

EVs are driven less than gas cars.

EVs certainly are finding their way into more driveways, but how much are folks really driving them? Charging infrastructure is still not great, most of them don’t have the range of a traditional gas or hybrid car, and pricing is high. And yet, the most driven EV is the Tesla Model X.

ISeeCars recently did a study querying how much EVs are driven over three years. It showed a correlation between range and miles driven; if you’ve got the range, you’ll likely drive more. T he Model X has an EPA range of 341 miles when averaged amongst all of its battery variants. It took the top spot, with 10,378 miles driven per year. By comparison, the 259-mile range Chevy Bolt EV only clocks in at 7,739 miles per year, on average.

As a whole, Tesla-branded vehicles sit at the top of the study. The Model X, Y, 3, and S all occupy the top spots of the chart. The Porsche Taycan is the lowest-driven EV surveyed, sitting at roughly half the annual miles driven as the Tesla Model S.

The Model X may have taken top honors, but it’s still below the average amount of miles that are regularly driven by traditional combustion-engined vehicles. ISeeCars also learned that EVs, on average are driven 29% less than the average gas-powered car. They also cost on average about 45% more than a gas-powered car.

The outlet theorizes that it’s likely range anxiety that keeps EV users from using their cars as much as gas-powered vehicles. Although EVs can be tiresome on longer road trips, the fact of the matter is that the overwhelmingly vast majority of drivers don’t drive that far. All of the EVs on the list have more than enough range to complete the typical 30-mile daily round trip that most Americans have.

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Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams

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