Visiting the Studebaker National Museum: Mega Gallery

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The automotive business is a lot like nature; only the strong survive. Accordingly this industry’s slow lane is littered with the bloody corpses of deceased marques. Once-proud companies like Pontiac, Hupmobile, Willys-Knight and Hudson are long gone but not all of them are forgotten. Continue Reading...

Subaru To Cut Production Of Legacy, Outback, Tribeca Due To Parts Shortage

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A shortage of parts means that Subaru‘s Indiana plant will have its production cut in half through the end of the week, and the company will assess the situation on a day to day basis to examine whether a continuation is necessary. Each of the two shifts will have 4 hours cut from their length…. Continue Reading...

Bomb Hoax Causes Panic At 4 Toyota Sites Across America

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An Indiana post office was evacuated Tuesday after a suspicious package was discovered, addressed to a Toyota factory. The package was determined harmless by a local bomb disposal technician, but the scare follows 3 other suspicious packages sent to other plants as well as Toyota USA headquarters. According to police, the package originated in Nigeria,… Continue Reading...
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