BP Gas Recalled for Unspecified Contamination

BP Gas Recalled for Unspecified Contamination

In what has to be one of the most unusual recalls of 2012, BP is calling back some of its regular grade gasoline originating from its Whiting, Ind. storage facility.

It isn’t clear how many drivers have been affected by contaminated fuel, but the issue extends beyond BP pumps to Costco, Meijer, Thorntons and Luke Oil gas stations according to the Times of Northwest Indiana. 

What lies behind the compromised supply is also still unclear, but reports of costly repairs are already surfacing. The Indiana paper reports that one owner paid $1,200 to have the tank drained, fuel lines flushed and new spark plugs installed.

BP is maintaining that it stands by its fuel and that customers experiencing who experienced problems between August 13 and 17 can call its customer hotline at (800) 333-3991 for help.

[Source: Times of Northwest Indiana]