You’d be surprised by how much a good audio system helps improve the quality of time you spend in your car. Whether you take frequent long distance drives or have to endure pesky bumper-to-bumper commutes, there’s nothing that can make or break your driving experience like a well-tuned audio system. If your current setup leaves something to be desired, here are the best 6×8 speakers on the market. These speakers are usually the ones fitted into the doors of most vehicles and the rear deck area (at the base of the rear glass) on sedans.

The good news is that upgrading your existing speakers is a fairly easy process for most do-it-yourselfers, and while you shouldn’t just go out and buy the cheapest speakers you can find at your local big-box store, there are plenty of high-quality options out there that won’t break the bank. Just be careful when ordering speakers as some models are sold in a pair, two pairs, or even as single speakers, so you’ll want to pay attention when ordering to avoid any surprises when the speakers arrive.  

Keep reading to find our picks of the best 6×8 speakers to see which will work best for the sound quality you’re looking to get from your car, truck, or SUV.

1. Editor's Pick: JBL Club 2-Way Coaxial Speakers


jbl club 6x8 speakers

All aftermarket speakers are designed to be a relatively universal fit for existing or custom applications, but the JBL Club 8620 pair of two-way coaxial speakers are an even better choice thanks to a design that lets them fit 5×7 and 6×8 openings. In addition to this unique design, the JBL Club 8620 are in an affordable price point for quality aftermarket speakers, and these are built to last with a solid construction that starts with the UV-resistant polypropylene woofers.

The 3-ohm low-impedance design allows the speakers to draw more power and deliver extra punch from the stereo, and the sound is even better when the system is hooked to an outboard amplifier. To capture the high-frequency range, the JBL Club 8620 has an edge-driven PEI to deliver a crisper sound, while the patented Plus One woofer design delivers better mid-bass sound. These speakers are designed perfectly for anyone that wants to get the best value from a set of speakers without sacrificing quality for price. 

Product features:

  • Fits 5×7 and 6×8 openings
  • UV-resistant woofers
  • Edge-driven tweeter
  • 3-ohm low-impedance design
  • Max output: 330 watts

2. Kenwood 2-Way Car Speakers

kenwood 6x8 2-way car speakers

If you’re looking for great 6×8 speakers with plenty of bang for your buck, Kenwood’s Performance Series speakers are an ideal choice. And if you’re shopping for 6x8s, the Kenwood KFC-C6896PS is what you want. This pair of speakers stands out with a tweeter height that is designed to sit as low as possible, which means these will fit most factory locations even easier without having to worry about modifying the mounting areas or door panels.

For the price, it is hard to find speakers with better sound quality thanks to Kenwood’s Acoustic Sound Harmonizer that produces smoother, more natural sound by controlling woofer sound waves passing through the balanced dome tweeter. To create a stronger, wider sound field, the Kenwood KFC-C6896PS uses a sound field enhancer, while the woofer cone’s diamond array pattern improves sound and reduces speaker distortion.

Product features:

  • Acoustic Sound Harmonizer delivers natural sound quality
  • Low-distortion cone
  • Balanced dome tweeter
  • 4-ohm impedance
  • Max output: 360 watts

3. Rockford Fosgate Punch 6x8 3-Way Full Range Speakers

rockford fosgate p1683 punch 6x8 speakers

Rockford Fosgate’s Punch series of speakers, amps, and subwoofers is designed to maximize sound performance, and the Rockford Fosgate P1683 Punch three-way speakers do just that. The three-way speakers provide a full range of sound, and the dome tweeter and supertweeter deliver clear high-end audio even among heavy bass.

The mineral-filled polypropylene woofer and butyl rubber surround are extremely durable, and the attachment of the surround to the cone delivers 25 percent more cone area. These speakers are guaranteed to sound great, and installation is a breeze thanks to the unique Flex Fit basket that allows for maximum adjustability during installation since it doesn’t use single screw holes.

Product features:

  • Three-way speakers provide clearer sounds
  • Responsive cone with mineral-filled polypropylene design
  • Dome tweeter and supertweeter
  • Adjustable Flex Fit basket
  • Max output: 130 watts

4. Infinity Kappa 2-Way Car Speakers

infinity kappa -way 6x8 speakers

If you’re willing to spend a little more, the Infinity Kappa 86CFX two-way speakers offer a few more benefits while still remaining relatively affordable. This pair of speakers delivers 2.5-ohm impedance for maximum performance, and Infinity’s patented Plus One glass-fiber woofer cone with hi-roll rubber surround promises robust bass and high-output sound quality.

While the bass is strong, the edge-driven dome tweeters have oversized voice coils that allow for smoother sound with less distortion at higher volumes. To ensure a sound quality that is custom tailored for each user, the tweeters are able to be adjusted both in terms of direction (each tweeter can be aimed independently of the others) and level control (a button on the tweeter allows for the fine tuning of the higher sounds).

Product features:

  • Deeper bass and less distortion
  • Adjustable tweeters
  • Glass-fiber woofer cone
  • 2.5-ohm impedance
  • Max output: 300 watts

5. Alpine R-Series 2-Way Component Speakers

alpine r series 6x8 speakers

The Alpine SPR-68 two-way coaxial speakers are another option toward the higher end of prices. Where these speakers stand out is the ability to handle cranked-up volume without losing crisp sound or deep bass. The bass is the result of the multi-layer hybrid fiber cone, while the one-inch swiveling silk dome tweeter ensures a crisp, high-end sound. Another advantage of these Alpine speakers is their more compact design thanks to magnets that are smaller, yet more powerful than other speakers out there. When you want 6×8-inch speakers that can be cranked up and enjoyed, the Alpine SPR-68 units are the way to go.

Product features:

  • Able to handle deep bass and high volumes
  • Adjustable tweeter
  • Multi-layer hybrid fiber cone
  • 4-ohm impedance
  • Max output: 600 watts

What You Need to Know About 6x8 Speakers

The best part about aftermarket 6×8 speakers is that they are designed to be as universal as possible, fitting in factory mounting locations with few, if any, modifications. That being said, you’ll want to double check the dimensions of a particular speaker before ordering it to make sure it will properly fit into your desired mounting locations. Almost all speakers should be sold with the proper mounting hardware and wiring harnesses, but you’ll still want to verify this information before purchasing a set.

How to Replace 6x8 Speakers:

Whether you’re replacing your door speakers or the speakers in the rear deck, this is a fairly easy task for just about anyone. The hardest part of the whole process could be removing the door panels without causing any damage, so try to look for information or videos online to help. Rear deck speakers are usually accessed through the trunk, although some have mounting hardware that requires trim to be removed from the inside of the car.

Once you have access to the speakers, remove and retain the screws holding in the existing speakers, and install the new speakers. If any of the door panel retainer clips break or are damaged, replacements are easy to find online or at your local home improvement store. Some speakers come with wiring harnesses that are compatible with the factory connectors, while others are designed to be more universal and require connectors to be cut off and new wires spliced it. Either way, wiring speakers is also an easy task.

Tips for Choosing the Best Speakers:

As is the case with many aftermarket accessories, you’ll first want to assess your needs before purchasing speakers. If you have a high-end stereo and amp setup, buying better speakers will be best in the long run since they will provide better sound and durability. If you’re just looking to replace blown speakers or add speakers, then you can get away with more of a value-oriented speaker. But if you have a high-quality head unit with an amplifier, then you will obviously want to lean towards performance-oriented speakers.

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